How To Get A Grade 9 for GCSE Economics

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Everyone wants to get a grade 9 in their GCSEs. It’s the most recognised and respected grade, but how possible is it, really? Economics may not be as common as maths and English, but it is still taken by many students competing for the best grades. Let’s take a look at tips on how to get a grade 9 for GCSE Economics

Put the effort in

As for any exam, you’re probably not going to leave school with the top grade unless you work hard at your studies.

Often, hardworking students receive higher grades than lazier, more intelligent students because the hardworking students have prepared more for the big day.

Finding your perfect revision method of GCSE economics will give you a great head start in grabbing a grade 9 by being able to effectively memorise the whole of your course’s specification.

By the day of the exam, to earn the highest possible grade, you should know your course textbook inside out, which will require you to perfect your revision method and memorisation skills.

If you’re not quite sure what you’re perfect method is, then experiment between the different ones – for example, making notes, watching online videos, and making flashcards with questions and answers on either side can all be great ways to get all the economic theories and concepts inside your head.

Furthermore, practising economic past papers will give you a feel for what is to come in the real exam – you can get used to practising question styles, predict what topics may come up, and highlight what parts you struggle with.

How To Get A Grade 9 for GCSE Economics - Seek Help

Even the highest grading students struggle – but what sets the most successful apart from the less successful is that the most successful students recognise their issues and seek to sort these out.

Be brave enough to admit your weaknesses and you can start targeting these to resolve them. Hiring a professional GCSE Economics tutor is a great way to help target specific weak areas in your learning – take advantage of their expertise. After all, they’re getting paid for a reason. It may be worth getting help from your economics teacher instead if you can’t afford a tutor – teachers are usually still willing to help and will have an in-depth knowledge of the subject.

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Know what the examiner wants

The key to receiving the highest grade in any exam is to know what the examiner wants to see. If you can impress the examiner and give them what they want, they have no reason to mark you down, easily placing you into the top band of the mark scheme instead.

Study the mark schemes in detail to learn what an examiner is looking for in your economics paper – for example, if you need to do a longer written answer, it would be good to know what kind of things you need to include beforehand, as well as specific layouts and grammatical skills.

So, there you have it. “How to get a grade 9 in GCSE Economics” may be tough, but if you follow this advice, you may be on your way to getting the highest grade in this subject.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

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