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A Level Geography
Revision Courses

A Level Geography Revision Course

In a world that increasingly values people capable of working across physical and social sciences, geography has become a key area of study. Whether your child is simply interested in the way the world works, looking to improve their academic performance, or boost their chances in the job market, A Level geography revision course is necessary.

It covers many vital issues affecting the world, from population and the environment to carbon cycles and resource scarcity. In fact, some research also shows that those who study this course increase their chances of employment, which is super important considering how competitive the job market is getting, especially for teenagers. So, does your teenager need to revisit or re-write A Level Geography? Do you want the best courses guaranteed to ensure learning (and application) success? Then invest in this A Level Geography Revision Course. 

Equip your teenager with the right A Level Geography Revision Course

Advanced level qualifications or A Levels are designed to lead students to the university, the job market, advanced studies, or further training. Enrolling your teenager in an ALevel Geography Course equips them with some of the basic but essential knowledge to prepare them for future work and further academic progress. It also allows them to revisit and re-learn essential things they may have missed or failed to grasp at the first attempt. Here are some of the few benefits of A Level Geography Revision Course. 

Benefits of attending a revision course

As already indicated, a revision course holds many benefits for students looking to improve their academic results and increase their chances in the job market. Here are some of the main benefits worth keeping in mind.

  • An increased chance for university placements

Getting a place in the best universities has become super competitive. It’s even harder for students targeting their dream universities, especially teenagers. Achieving the necessary grades is the number one priority for anyone looking to be enrolled in their dream university.

A revision course will increase your child’s chances by providing expert assistance, targeted exam preparation, personalised support, and any other thing a student needs to make them more likely to get picked above other competing students. Additionally, the strong understanding a student gains from the geography revision course will improve their chances of being accepted for Geography-related courses in higher education institutions.

  • A better chance for apprenticeship

Improving your academics isn’t only beneficial for those looking to enter their dream universities, as it also enhances the chances for apprenticeship. Like university admissions, enrolment into apprenticeship programs has become very competitive, especially for 18-year-olds and teenagers in general. Most programs in the UK require applicants to have a certain level of academic achievement, and an A Level qualification will easily put your child on top of the hiring list.

It demonstrates to employers that an applicant is invested in continuous development and advancement – a key trait every good apprentice should have. An A Level Geography revision course is even more beneficial for students looking for apprenticeship opportunities in sectors like urban planning, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), environmental science, and any other geography-related field. These fields require a good (or least basic) knowledge of some geographic principles, and a revision course can provide that. 

  • Comprehensive coverage

With A Level revision courses, your child will get thorough coverage of the entire geography course. While one of the goals is to prepare the applicant for examination, it’s equally essential that your child fully understands each concept in this subject area. The courses are designed by expert tutors in the field with years of experience and familiarity with the curriculum. They know what each student needs to progress and have crafted a comprehensive review of the entire syllabus. You can read on to learn more about our teaching setup and excellent tutoring services.

  • Personalised support

Unlike regular classrooms, our sessions are designed to offer personalised support to each student. Understandably, some students have areas of weaknesses and specific learning needs. Our tutors will take the time to understand each student’s learning needs, styles, weaknesses, and strengths to help them adapt their teaching approach accordingly. This way, students receive a higher quality of teaching while being empowered to study at a favourable pace. Even better, we will work together with you and your child to agree on the perfect tutoring support based on specific concerns you may have. We provide free consultation services where you can outline all your issues to allow us to craft an ideal tutoring experience to boost your child’s confidence. 

  • Boost confidence

Facing an impending academic examination can feel very intimidating, especially if your child’s previous attempt has been unsuccessful. But they can restore their confidence by signing up for a top-quality revision course. They will have all the tools and support they need to reassure them and boost their confidence in succeeding. Also, your child will receive quality tutoring from teachers who know everything about preparing for examinations like Edexcel, OCR, and AQA.

Online course for convenience

Understandably, travelling long distances for studies can be very hectic, which is why we offer online courses for better convenience. Students living too far from Central London can simply register for their courses online and undertake their studies from the comfort of their homes. We have excellent online geography tutors on standby, ready to delve with you into your studies. Schedules are also flexible enough to make up for time differences and offer learning convenience for all online students.

For those residing in and around Central London, you can opt for the physical classroom sessions. But whether you choose online or physical classes, you can expect our tutors to provide quality attention to each student. And that’s the reason why we always keep student attendance to a minimum, which leads to our setup. 

The setup

As already mentioned, we aim to keep each class as small as possible to foster effective tutorship and learning. Our setup entails the following:

  • Not more than 10 students per class

Preferably, we enrol not more than 10 students per class, so our tutors can better understand each student’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Such a setup also enables effective classroom discussions and participation. This way, no student will feel left out. 

  • We cover different examination boards

We also design our courses, taking the different exam boards into account. So, whether your child is preparing for Edexcel, OCR, AQA, or any other examination, our teaching setup will equip them adequately. 

  • Courses meet specific student requirements

We design our courses and deliver them based on specific student requirements. This way, we can perfectly balance recapping concepts and practice questions. 

  • Some of our tutors are examiners for major examination boards

Our sole aim is to give each student the insight they need to succeed. That’s why we have assembled only the best teaching or tutoring team. We have regular tutors boasting years of experience in the classroom. Some of our tutors are also examiners for the major examination boards, meaning they know what is required to nail every examination and succeed.

What does the A Level Geography revision course cover?

So, what can you or your child expect from our courses?

  • Designed to suit the time of the year and each student’s age

Our courses vary, depending on the student’s age and the time of the year. For example, for students in years 12(AS) and 13(A2), we have put together revision notes designed to hone the skills and knowledge they need for a successful examination. Regarding the time of the year, our courses run throughout the academic year, during half-term vacations or holidays. We also vary our courses to suit the time of the year. For example, our October courses focus on year 12 materials, including anything introduced so far in year 13. 

  • Tailored to suit specific student requests

We also offer bespoke courses, perfectly tailored to suit what each student wants to recap or review. This way, we can ensure that we fill in specific knowledge and complement what they already know. However, a tutor can also choose to go over any topics they consider appropriate if there’s enough time within a course. 

  •  A wide range of topics

Generally, your child can expect to recap various topics, including Population, Resource Scarcity, Environment, and Carbon cycles. 

All our reviews are 5*

Let our consistent 5* ratings encourage you. But don’t just take our word for it; you can check out some recent reviews from satisfied parents whose children took our revision course. We’ve received many amazing reviews, with the most recent one saying our course provided “the most amazing geographical experience.” That came from a student who described our course as “fun and educational.” That is only one of many other positive reviews you can check out.

Contact us for a free consultation

So, what are you waiting for? You or your child can become our next happy student. If you’re unsure if this is the right move for you, perhaps our free consultation service can help. That will allow you and your child to discuss any concerns regarding their tutoring needs. Together, we will devise a strategy that will bring the best academic outcome, boost confidence, and increase motivation.