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A Level & GCSE Geography Tuition

Exam Tips online tutors are experienced teaching professionals, ready to give you the help you need in Geography. 

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Online Geography Tutor

A Level & GCSE Geography Tuition

Exam Tips online tutors are experienced teaching professionals, ready to give you the help you need in Geography. 

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Along with maths, English and science, geography is a core subject for all students up to GCSE level. It’s only natural that, as parents, you want your child to succeed academically and get the additional tuition they need to help them excel and give them a head start for their future.

This is where getting online geography tutoring can help. Geography is one of the top 10 subjects parents seek online tuition for when it comes to supporting their children through the GCSE and A Level examination process, especially if you want to gain acceptance into a prestigious university for further education in degrees requiring top A Level and GCSE results in geography and associated core subjects.

We Are Geography Tuition Experts

Our geography teachers are not just tutors. They are experts in their subjects, highly professional and are fully aware of the teaching curriculum. Our tutors have many years of teaching experience and some are also examiners giving you the insights that you need to achieve the best grades in Geography.

With current levels of technology, all Geography tutition takes place online. This can be done during the week, at weekends and also during half term holidays if required. 

What Makes Us Different?

  • We do not use any students as tutors. Each of our Geography tutors are qualified teachers. They are in possession of a relevant teaching qualification and hold a valid DBS certificate.
  • We will assign you a Geography tutor based on your son or daughter’s requirements. You don’t have to scroll through endless pages looking for an online Geography tutor. Just contact us for an initial discussion and we will then pass your details on to a suitable tutor.
  • All our lessons come with a money back guarantee. Not only the first lesson, but each subsequent lesson after that. If you don’t feel that your son or daughter has benefitted from a lesson, just tell us and a full refund will be given. No questions asked. Ever.
  • No admin or cancellation charges. We do not charge any administration fees and if you need to reschedule your lesson, just provide a minimum of 2 hours notice, without any penalty.
  • You must be happy. Investing in a tutor requires a level of commitment. This is why all lessons have a money back guarantee. If there are any concerns with your tutor simply contact us. 
  • Value for money. All of our lessons are priced at £60 per hour. We offer the following discounts when booking lessons in advance: 5% off for booking 5 lessons, 10% off for booking 10 lessons and 15% off for booking 15 lessons.

Our online geography tutors provide expert tuition for GCSE, iGCSE, AS and A2 level geography only. We do not cater for entrance exams or primary students. All tutors are familiar with the content of the major exam boards such as Edexcel and AQA.

Benefits of Online Geography Tutors

Increased Acceptance for University

It goes without saying that those students looking to pursue geography and related topics at university must demonstrate a higher understanding and capacity for the skills required to continue their learning. A skilled geography teacher can help arm them with this information and perfect their skills to impress the university of their choice.

Entry requirements for geography degrees or associated degrees requiring geography A Levels range from CCC to AAA, with most universities asking for BBB on average. To facilitate your child being accepted to their university of choice, online geography tuition can be the difference between being accepted and being a preferred candidate and meeting the entry demands of the most sought-after universities, such as The London School of Economics and Political Science or the University of Oxford.

The University of Oxford requires A*AA, for example, for acceptance onto their undergraduate geography course, with only 20% of interviewees being accepted. A personal online geography tutor from Exam Tips can help your child achieve scores they might not otherwise be able to obtain and ensure they have the best chance of success at only the best university.

Deeper Knowledge

When working with a geography tutor, you will help your child to get a better understanding of the topics of the curriculum, greater exposure to the syllabus and a greater knowledge and experience of the subject. A one-to-one session with a tutor can help fill in the gaps in their knowledge and give them the tools they need to develop their geography education to help them gain higher results in their final examinations. All of our tutors are professional and qualified geography teachers.

Geography Degrees

Geography degrees can be applied to various careers and are vital for jobs including Land Surveyor, Landscape Architect, Cartographer and Teacher, to name a few.

Universities will be looking at students at UCAS Tariff Scores to determine the quality of the applicant and assess them suitably for their establishment. To create an engaging profile and entice the university of choice, you must ensure your son or daughter has the necessary skills and knowledge to outshine the competition. Online tuition in geography and related subjects can help you to do this.

Why Invest in Geography Tuition

For some students, learning in a traditional education setting isn’t conducive to success, and each student will have different requirements for learning. Online tuition can be an excellent way to unlock your child’s learning potential and help them strive to achieve more in geography and other academic studies.

Online Geography Tuition

Frequently Asked Questions

Prices for online tutors can vary from service to service. At Exam Tips, our highly trained professional tutors’ services are £60 per hour, with discounts available for 5,10 or 5 lessons bookings.

Our tutors are well-versed in the curriculum and the content of the major exam boards, including AQA and Edexcel. This allows them to work with your child to complement their education and give them additional support where needed to fill any gaps in their knowledge and skills.

How To Book Your Online Geography Tutor

To begin, simply complete the form below and you will be contacted within 24 hours. 

At Exam Tips, we don’t just have online geography tutors; we can also support your child’s learning in other subjects. Many universities will give preference to students who studied geology, physics, maths, further maths, biology or chemistry, for example, and have received the required points total for acceptance. In this case, a maths or biology tutor would help your child get the required grades for their chosen university.

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