GCSE Maths Revision

GCSE Maths Revision

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What's Covered

This course is suitable for those students who may be working towards any GCSE qualification such as that of GCSE or iGCSE. Our GCSE/iGCSE Maths revision courses give students the confidence and motivation that they need to able to apply their knowledge, skills and to be able to demonstrate their understanding of questions.

We are able to offer revision courses for both the Foundation Tier where students are aiming for a maximum grade 5. We also offer the Higher Tier revision where the maximum grade that can be achieved is a 9.

Our revision courses are certainly not a one size fits all and there will be a range of activities to engage students. There will be a mix of tutor led teaching as well as past exam question practice.

Our courses focus on the topics that the students want to revise and not what the tutor would want to teach. In general you can expect to receive revision on the common topic areas, which include: Number, Algebra, Ratio & Proportion, Geometry, Statistics and working with Graphs.

The Setup

All our GCSE Maths revision courses are generally classroom based and we intend to keep student attendance to a minimum, preferably no more than ten students per class.

We also offer online revision courses, especially during the current situation, and an online GCSE Maths revision course is ideal for those who may find travelling an issue. Again student attendance will be kept to a minimum.

Whether a course is classroom based or online this allows the tutor to give quality attention to each student as well as allowing effective class discussions to take place. The course takes into account the different exam boards such as AQA, OCR, and Edexcel.

Our tutors are very experienced and are qualified teachers. Some of our tutors are also examiners which means they can provide further insights into common mistakes and what an examiner is looking for. All tutors are experts in their chosen subjects are are here to help students become more confident and motivated.

Free Consultation

Why not take the opportunity for a free consultation? This will give you as a parent as well as your son/daughter to discuss any concerns with their current progress in school or college. We will listen and devise a revision strategy that will help to improve confidence as well as motivation.

Just complete the form below to arrange a free consultation or to discuss a course booking. For bookings you can also call us on 0800 689 1272 or email us at info@exam.tips.