Online Chemistry Tutor

A Level & GCSE Online Chemistry Tuition

Exam Tips online tutors are experienced teaching professionals, ready to give you the help you need in Chemistry. 

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Online Chemistry Tutor

Online Chemistry Tutor

A Level & GCSE Online Chemistry Tuition

Exam Tips online tutors are experienced teaching professionals, ready to give you the help you need in Chemistry.  

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We Are Chemistry Tuition Experts

Our chemistry teachers are not just tutors. They are experts in their subjects, highly professional and are fully aware of the curriculum. They have many years of teaching experience and some are also examiners, giving you the insights that you need to achieve the best Chemistry grades.

With current levels of technology, all chemistry tuition takes place online and this can be done during the week, at weekends and also during half term holidays.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We do not use any students for our tuition. Each of our tutors are qualified teachers. They are in possession of a relevant Chemistry teaching qualification and hold a valid DBS certificate.
  • We will assign you a tutor based on your son or daughter’s requirements. You don’t have to scroll through endless pages looking for an online chemistry tutor. Just contact us for an initial discussion and we will then pass your details on to a suitable tutor.
  • All our lessons come with a money back guarantee. Not just the first lesson but each subsequent lesson after that. If you don’t feel that your son or daughter has benefitted from a lesson, just tell us and a full refund will be given. No questions asked. Ever.
  • No admin or cancellation charges. We do not charge any administration fees and if you need to reschedule your lesson, just provide a minimum of 2 hours notice, without any penalty.
  • You must be happy. Investing in a tutor requires a level of commitment. This is why all lessons have a money back guarantee. If there are any concerns with your tutor simply contact us. 
  • Value for money. All lessons are priced at £60 per hour. We offer the following discounts when booking lessons in advance: 5% off for booking 5 lessons, 10% off for booking 10 lessons and 15% off for booking 15 lessons.

Our online chemistry tutors provide expert tuition for GCSE, iGCSE, AS and A2 level chemistry only. We do not cater for entrance exams or primary students. All tutors are familiar with the content of the major exam boards such as Edexcel and AQA.

Is It Good To Focus On One Subject?

Whether your child wants to become a chemistry expert or not, attaining specific tutoring for one subject is a great way for a child to grasp the subject. Instead of filling a child’s brain with multiple subjects and ideas, they can focus on one thing at a time.

When a child focuses on one thing at a time, they can soak it up and allow it to remain within their brain. It can be too much information to learn about multiple subjects at once. Hence, they can improve their knowledge and understand chemistry better if they attain tutoring in one specific area at a time.

Why Use An Online Chemistry Tutor?

As a parent, you will want what’s best for your son or daughter. Although they will attain chemistry training in their school lessons, sometimes it isn’t enough to fulfil every area of the subject. They will cover physical and mental practices in lessons to help them better understand the topic. Yet, an online tutor can offer more in-depth training, resulting in better results for the child.

Here are all of the reasons you should consider investing in an online chemistry tutor:

Your child will not need to waste their time

Some children might find chemistry a complex topic to grasp. They might understand some parts but not all of them.

With an online tutor, your child can use their time to question and understand those areas they find challenging. Instead of wasting many hours trying to understand the subject, they can whittle down the information and better understand it through 1:1 tutoring.

Understand chemistry in the best way

Although tutors at school will offer efficient knowledge and training, it sometimes won’t be the best. Some chemistry tutors will also specialise in other subjects. Or, the tutoring might be broad. At the same time, an online tutor will specialise in the subject and focus on specifics.

Every session will involve in-depth tutoring about small areas of chemistry so that the child can understand everything there is to know.

No moving on without understanding

An online tutor will never brush over a subject. They will always ensure the child fully understands what they have been taught before moving on.

They will achieve this through small questionnaires and exams to grasp how well the child has understood what they have been taught.

Personal tutoring style

In school, a child cannot tell their tutor to change their teaching style. However, paying for an online tutor means you can.

You and your child can work with an online tutor to ensure the teaching style meets the child’s needs. For example, the child might be challenged and learn best with regular exams. Hence, the tutor will ensure that the child is challenged and well-equipped with the knowledge that is taught to them.

Differences Between An Online And In-Person Tutor

An online chemistry tutor is somewhat different to a regular in-person tutor. Here is why:

Learn at any time

In-person tutors will work at specific times and have a schedule that suits their lifestyle. They will likely have dedicated hours rather than offering flexibility. At the same time, an online chemistry tutor will offer flexible hours due to the ease of accessing their laptop from anywhere.

You and your child can enjoy tutoring whenever it suits you. Instead of worrying about someone else’s schedule, you can worry about your own and ensure the tutoring aligns with your schedule.

The cost

The cost of an online tutor is typically more affordable than an in-person tutor. This is due to the resources and location being virtual. The tutor will not require to pay for a physical tutoring space or resources. With everything being digital, it is more cost-effective for them to run their business, making your life more affordable.

More convenience

Having an online tutor for chemistry will make your life much more convenient. Instead of driving your child to a tutoring space, they can do it from the comfort of their home. Or, from your office if you are working late and want to watch over them.

Constant access to materials

Using an online chemistry tutor means that your son or daughter can have constant access to learning materials. Instead of waiting until the next session to cover material or revise, they can access everything at all hours of the day. This means they can continue their learning and utilise the material for their school work. This can help them enhance their revision process and school results.

How To Book Your Online Chemistry Tutor

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