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What's Covered

Our A Level Physics  revision course is suitable for students in years 12 (AS) and Year 13 (A2). Courses can and will vary throughout the academic year. For instance our October half term revision course may be for just two days whereas our Easter half term revision courses could see students attending courses for say 6 days.

All courses are bespoke and are tailored to what students request to go over to ensure that any gaps in their knowledge is fully consolidated. If there is time within a course, then the tutor may decide to cover any topics that they consider to be appropriate.

Our courses are bespoke but generally students can expect to cover topics from Waves, Mechanics, Electricity as well as Forces and Motion. If there is time, the tutor will also cover topics that they consider to be important, then these will be covered also.

The Setup

All our A Level Physics revision courses are generally classroom based and we intend to keep student attendance to a minimum, preferably no more than ten students per class.

Given that some students may find travelling  daily an issue, we also offer online A Level Physics revision courses. There are done via Zoom as the technology is simple to use, whilst allowing a tutor to deliver lessons effectively. Online courses are a more affordable option compared to classroom based revision courses. Contact us today to get further details. 

Whether a course is classroom based or online this allows the tutor to give quality attention to each student as well as allowing effective class discussions to take place. The course takes into account the different exam boards such as AQA, OCR, and Edexcel.

The course is designed and delivered based entirely on student requirements that will form a defined sequence to allow for a perfect balance between recaping concepts and question practice.

Our tutors are very experienced and are qualified teachers. Some of our tutors are also examiners which means they can provide further insights into common mistakes and what an examiner is looking for. All tutors are experts in their chosen subjects are are here to help students become more confident and motivated.

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Why not take the opportunity for a free consultation? This will give you as a parent as well as your son/daughter to discuss any concerns with their current progress in school or college. We will listen and devise a revision strategy that will help to improve confidence as well as motivation.

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A Level Physics Revision Courses


Let’s start the journey of A Level Physics revision with Exam Tips, where we understand the challenges students face in mastering A Level Physics. This demanding subject requires not only an in-depth understanding but also unwavering dedication. Our A-level Physics Revision Courses are tactfully created to ease the complexities, providing expert guidance, tailored lessons, and a wealth of resources. Among the important tasks of exam preparation, our courses serve as a beacon of hope, offering detailed information on challenging concepts and strategic approaches for success.

Our online Physics tutors, each with extensive teaching experience, stand ready to guide students through the intricacies of Physics. These professionals possess in-depth knowledge of the Physics syllabus of A-level, ensuring comprehensive preparation by sharing insights into real exam questions and surrounding learning areas. With Exam Tips, students can confidently go through their exams, knowing they have dedicated support every step of the way.


The Significance of A Level Physics Revision Courses at Exam Tips


Unveil the true worth of A Level Physics Revision Courses through Exam Tips. These courses decode the complexities of A level physics, a subject known for its challenges. With a profound understanding of the syllabus and guided by experienced and talented online Physics tutors, We provide invaluable insights and strategic approaches for success. Our specially crafted courses offer clarity on complex concepts, ensuring students are well-prepared for exams. Determine the value of our Physics Revision Courses, where dedication, expert guidance, and tailored lessons converge to empower students on their journey to academic excellence.


Courses Covered By Exam Tips


Our A Level Physics revision courses, cater for both Year 12 (AS) and Year 13 (A2) students, with adaptable structures throughout the academic year. Each course is uniquely crafted, varying in duration, such as a concise two-day October half-term session or an extensive six-day Easter half-term immersion. Tailored to students’ specific requests, these courses address individual knowledge gaps, ensuring comprehensive consolidation.

The program explores into fundamental areas, encompassing Waves, Mechanics, Electricity, Forces, and Motion. Beyond the outlined subjects, our tutors possess the flexibility to cover additional topics deemed crucial within the given timeframe. As a result, students benefit from a bespoke learning experience and gain a detailed understanding of key physics concepts. With our commitment to customization and an extensive range of covered topics, students can anticipate a well-rounded and enriched A Level Physics revision journey at Exam Tips.


Course Schedule Precision


Our A Level Maths revision day unfolds from 9:30 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. This structured timeline ensures an immersive experience, blending in-depth revision sessions with strategically placed breaks for constant focus.


Lunch Times


Our A Level Maths revision course will show you how academic rigour and nourishment may coexist together. As part of our comprehensive package, we’re delighted to offer lunch for all participants. Our commitment to diverse needs is reflected in a thoughtfully created menu, accommodating various dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.


Breaks Times


Our breaks are an essential part of the revision course, not just a place to pause. These breaks offer vital opportunities for students to rest, rejuvenate, and engage with peers and tutors. We strive to create a supportive learning environment that transcends traditional revision, setting the stage for extraordinary success in exams and beyond.


The Setup for A Level Physics Revision Courses


Our A Level Physics revision courses redefine the learning experience with a journey of academic refinement. Whether conducted in a classroom setting or through our immersive online platform via Zoom, our commitment remains unwavering—ensuring optimal learning environments with a limited class size, ideally accommodating no more than ten students. Recognizing the challenges of daily travel, our online courses emerge as a convenient and cost-effective alternative, seamlessly delivered through user-friendly Zoom technology.

Whatever the format selected, be it classroom-based or online, our courses prioritize individualized attention, providing a conducive atmosphere for engaging class discussions. Catering to diverse exam boards, including AQA, OCR, and Edexcel, our meticulously designed courses follow a student-centric approach. Each course is a carefully curated sequence, striking a beautiful balance between revisiting fundamental concepts and extensive question practice, aligning with students’ unique requirements.

What sets Exam Tips apart is not only the dedication to personalized learning but also the quality of our tutors. Seasoned and qualified teachers, some of whom are examiners, bring unparalleled expertise to guide students. This dual role equips them with insights into common pitfalls and the detailed expectations of examiners. More than educators, our tutors serve as mentors, instilling confidence and motivation in students, transforming their A Level Physics revision journey into a pursuit of excellence. 


The Power of A Level Physics Revision Courses: The Benefits

Learning with Structured Learning


Delve into the world of A Level Physics revision courses, meticulously designed to eliminate the complexity of study plans. Our courses embrace a thoughtfully curated program, guiding students systematically through each topic, leaving no concept unexplored. Whether unravelling intricate theories or conquering challenging obstacles, the structured approach ensures a comprehensive understanding.


Mentorship by Talented Tutors


Our qualified tutors exemplify a perfect blend of expertise and dedication. Armed with extensive teaching experience, they provide personalized assistance, tailoring their approach to meet individual student needs and diverse learning methods. Each tutor is a guide, navigating students through the complexities of A Level Physics with unwavering support.


Sharpening Problem-Solving Skills with Continue Practice


Recognizing the vitality of practice in mastering physics, our courses prioritize hands-on engagement. From applied problem-solving sessions to frequent encounters with past exam papers and challenging questions, students gain the confidence to navigate the intricacies of physics. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and our courses represent this philosophy to ease the challenges of grasping physics as a whole.


Access to a Wealth of Learning Resources


Beyond the confines of the immediate program, our Physics revision courses unlock a unique of learning resources. Students have unfettered access to a vast library, ensuring they are equipped with every tool necessary for a comprehensive revision journey. Step into the realm of A Level Physics revision with Exam Tips – where structured learning, mentorship, practice, and abundant resources converge to create a path to academic excellence.


Empowering Achievements in A Level Physics: Intimate Classes, Significant Outcomes


Make your child’s success through A Level Physics Revision Courses, where the advantage lies in the intimacy of small classes. Choosing this path means your child receives invaluable one-on-one time with their tutor, fostering personalized attention that amplifies their learning experience.

As a dedicated parent, this is your chance to actively shape your child’s educational journey and inspire them to strive for excellence. Encouraging them to be focused, attentive, and proactive becomes significant, recognizing that every minute holds value. Active participation in all activities and exercises becomes the key to steering them toward academic success.

A vital aspect contributing to this journey is the mindful use of technology. In these courses, students are encouraged to refrain from using their phones during lessons unless explicitly permitted by the teacher. This practice ensures a focused and conducive learning environment, preventing distractions that may disrupt the progress of both individual students and the class as a whole. 

Choose A Level Physics Revision Courses at Exam Tips – where small classes yield significant results and every moment is a step toward realizing academic goals. Visit us now and get an opportunity for a free consultation from our talented and experienced tutors.