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Wondering how to make an application to tutor and other questions? Hopefully you will find the answer here, if not just drop us an email at info@exam.tips.

Exam.tips helps parents’ find a tutor or tutors for their son or daughter to help them prepare for their GCSE or A-Level examinations.

Parents’ contact us directly and to discuss their requirements for their son or daughter. With this information we will then contact suitable tutors to determine availability, skills, knowledge, etc with the intention of a lesson or lessons going ahead. 

We do not accept students at university. Only those with a degree and PGCE together with teaching experience in a school/college/university setting are able to tutor for Exam.tips.

You can submit your CV here. Based upon your experience outlined in your CV you will be contacted by email to submit copies of your degree certificates as well as your DBS which must be valid and not over 3 years of age. You will need to be eligible to work in the UK.

Degree qualification in the area that you wish to teach together with a PGCE.

A DBS is required and must not be over 3 years of age. You can apply for an Enhanced DBS Certificate here. The cost is £69.80 which is not currently reimbursed.

At this stage the answer is no. We only accept those who are qualified teachers or have worked in a teaching environment and have a PGCE.

Parents’ will pay us directly so there is no need for you as the tutor to request payment. Parents’ will generally book 5 or 10 lessons in advance. Once these lessons have been completed we will contact the parent to determine if they wish to continue with further lessons. Tutor’s must not receive payment other than from Exam.tips.

Our hourly rate for all tutors is £30. If you are provided a student who has 5 lessons, then you will receive £150. If a student has 10 lessons then you will be paid £300.

A timesheet will be provided for you to complete and to submit via email by the end of the month. You will then be paid in the first week of the next month by bank transfer. As an example, you have 4 students who are tutored once a week in the month of April. Submit your timesheet by 30th April and a payment of £480 will be paid directly to you in the 1st week of May. If a timesheet is not received by the end of the month, then the payment run will be done the following month.

This is directly dependent on yourself and your availability as well as other commitments. It is expected that all tutoring is done with the highest level of care and attention.

Simply let the parent know giving as much notice as possible.

Please contact us as soon as possible and we will rectify the situation as required.

You will act as a freelancer for Exam.tips and so it is the responsibility of the tutor to register as self-employed.

Yes. We will require the email addresses of two people who can act as a reference on your behalf. These must be worked based email addresses not @gmail.com for instance. They can be your current line manager, head of department, HR manager etc.

Once a lesson has been paid for by the parent and you as a tutor are selected for a particular student then you will provided with the appropriate contact details. You are then able to arrange/reschedule/cancel lessons that work for you as the tutor and the student.

In the unlikely the event where a student or parent makes a complaint towards a tutor, an investigation will be conducted. In the event, where we consider the tutor to be at fault, we reserve the right not to submit any payment.