How To Revise GCSE Maths

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GCSE maths is a subject filled with formulas, rules and key terms. Therefore, to succeed at it, you must have a good understanding of the processes for each theory. 

This is perhaps why many students struggle with their GCSE maths revision. However, some useful tips are capable of changing this narrative. Here are our seven important tips that are guaranteed to make your revisions a whole lot easier.

7 Helpful Tips For GCSE Maths Revision

1.   Read the Examiner’s Report

This is one of the most important revision tips but it is sadly often ignored. Every year, examiners provide a report of how marks are allocated to different questions. Being able to utilise this is a gold mine.

The examiner’s report shows you areas where other students often lose important marks. Hence, you not only get to learn from your mistakes but also from others too.

2.   Use Flashcards

Mathematics is mainly about providing solutions to problematic equations. To achieve your desired grade, you, therefore, have to learn your formulas and rules.

A good way of achieving this is by making use of flashcards. This is because flashcards are perfect for memorisation. However, endeavour to understand the formula before going ahead to memorize them.

3.   Practice Past Papers

Luckily, you do not need to search so hard to find this one. There are so many resources both online and offline where you can get GCSE maths past papers. Find them and practise as many of them as you can.

You can set up a timetable that allows you to tackle a certain number per day. Ensure you adhere to all the examiner’s instructions. This will help to prepare you for your own exam in every sense of the word.

4.   Join a Study Group

Study groups are another powerful aid for your GCSE maths revision. Join or create one with one or two classmates who are like-minded. Set up a weekly meeting time, this could be online or offline.

Together, you can test each other your knowledge of some formulas or rules. You can also answer past papers or go through pop quizzes. These exercises will boost your confidence as your exam approaches.

5.   Attend GCSE Maths Revision Courses

Another vital revision tip is to enrol for a gcse maths calculator revision. Sometimes, students get discouraged during revisions for many obvious reasons. But attending a revision course will change this.

Most revision courses have efficient and experienced maths tutors. Working with them will greatly improve your level of preparedness for your exam.

6.   Understand, Don’t Memorise

Students often fall into the trap of just memorising their maths formulas. This is quite risky. Such students may end up forgetting the formulas or be thrown off balance with a tricky question.

Thus, endeavour to understand how the formulas were derived. This way, you will be able to logically apply it to any question, no matter how difficult.

7.   Video Tutorials

There are so many benefits of using video tutorials for your GCSE maths revision. The first and most important is that you get to learn maths at your own pace.

Students can rewind and fast-forward a part of the video, this way you don’t miss out on any information. Likewise, you can get to see the full working of most of your past papers. This is a huge step up from just seeing the answers given by the marking scheme.


There are still so many useful GCSE maths revision tips. One of which includes working with an online GCSE maths tutor. Here, you get to work exclusively with an online maths tutor. Using their experience and skill, they guide you in your revisions till you are prepared for your exam.

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At Exam tips we are here to help you succeed in your GCSE Maths exam revision. We do this in a number of ways.

We offer intense GCSE Revision Course that take place at various stages of the year during half term holidays. If you are looking for a refresher from year 12 then we would suggest our October Revision Course.

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As well as our half term revision courses we also offer online tuition. We have a number of online GCSE Maths Tutors that work with us and based on your requirements we will find a Maths Tutor that meets your needs.

All online Maths tuition for GCSE is done using Zoom at the present moment in time. This is a simple platform to use and always the tutor to use a online whiteboard to be able to explain all the necessary concepts.

If you are not sure about online Maths tutoring for GCSE, then you can always sign up for a free no obligation twenty minute lesson. This allows you to make sure that you and your tutor will work well together.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272