October Revision : A Level Maths

Our October revision courses are specifically designed to offer students benefits that can greatly impact their performance, confidence and overall experience in their A level Maths journey.

One of the advantages of enrolling in an October A level Maths revision course lies in the learning environment it provides. A level Maths can prove challenging with students having to juggle other subjects and responsibilities. However these revision courses enable students to dedicate an amount of time exclusively to their Maths studies free from distractions caused by other subjects or activities. This intensified focus facilitates an understanding of concepts and enhances the retention of crucial information.

Led by knowledgeable teachers who possess expertise in the subject matter. These teachers possess a clear comprehension of the A level Maths curriculum. They are able to exhibit the skillful ability to explain intricate concepts, in a clear and accessible manner.

With class sizes kept to a minimum, teachers have the advantage of being able to offer personalised support and feedback to each student. During a revision course teachers can identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student providing tailored guidance and feedback to address areas for improvement.

The revision course brings together students who are dedicated to excelling in their exams. This setting promotes interaction and collaboration among peers. Students can discuss problems, share insights and learn from each other. Collaborative learning can improve understanding and expand students’ knowledge of various problem solving approaches.

Suitable for:

If you need help deciding if you will benefit from this course you can contact us. Alternatively, you may prefer to book an online maths tutor instead.

Structure of the Day

Classes are from 9.30am to 6:15pm. Registration starts from 9.15am on day one of the course.

There will be a 1 hour lunch as well as a total of three 15 minute breaks.

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