What Makes a Good Online Maths Tutor?

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Finding the right online maths tutor can be quite a task. This is when you consider the number of online maths tutors available in recent time.

In 2018, a study conducted by BBC showed that there are about 100,000 full-time tutors in the UK. The pandemic has since encouraged online tutoring. Hence, this figure is expected to double.

To help you spot out a good online maths tutor, we have highlighted seven qualities to look out for. These qualities are a must-have, so check this out.

7 Qualities of a Good Online Maths Tutor

1.   Knowledge and Expertise

Every good online maths tutor must have an in-depth knowledge of maths. They not only understand the concepts and theories of mathematics but also know how to teach it.

The reason why students seek online maths tutors is to understand maths better. Hence, every good online maths tutor must be skilled in solving maths problems. Likewise, they must know how to transfer this knowledge to their students.

2.   Professionalism

A good online GCSE maths tutor is not only a professional but also act like one. Professional online maths tutors are punctual to their classes. They also give prior notices if there will be any schedule change.

Professional online maths tutors use the appropriate language for their students. Likewise, they keep to time and are diligent to go through the students’ assignments.

3.   Engagement

Let’s be realistic, maths can be boring. It takes a lot to persistently learn about formulas, rules, theories and concepts.

As a result, a good online maths tutor is one who is skilful in engaging his students. They are continuously coming up with ideas and ways to make the lessons fun and interesting.

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4.   Great Teaching Skills

It’s one thing to understand maths, it’s another thing to perfectly explain it to someone who doesn’t. A good online maths tutor is one who possesses the ability to make students understand maths.

They explain difficult maths concepts in a very clear and simple manner. They use non-complicated languages and methods. All in a bid to make their students understand the topic.

5.   Patience

Maths can be a very difficult subject to understand. This is the main reason students seek online maths tutors. Hence, a good online maths tutor must possess the virtue of patience.

Many students need to be taught a particular maths concept more than once before they understand it. A good online A Level maths tutor understands this fact. They hence are patient enough to teach their students as many times as it takes for them to understand it.

6.   Availability

A good online maths tutor understands that he has a role to play in his students’ life. Thus, they aim at making themselves accessible by the students as much as possible.

Most students using online maths tutors have academic goals they wish to achieve. A good online maths tutor is therefore not stingy with his time. They ensure they are available for their students.

7.   Encourages Critical Thinking

At the end of the day, tutors will not enter the exam room with their students. A good online maths tutor knows this. Hence, they always encourage critical thinking in their students.

This is because maths equations are problems which need solutions. To solve this, students will have to apply the right principles and formulas involved. This process requires critical thinking.

And Finally


As more online math tutors emerge, finding a good online maths tutor becomes harder. But knowing the qualities you are looking for, will help you in your search. So, if you find an online maths tutor with these seven qualities, do well to stick to them!

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