How To Revise A Level Physics

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Frustrated about your progress in your A level physics revision? Don’t worry, you’re a few steps away from getting your motivation and revision back on track. 

Revision for A level physics exams can be quite difficult. It requires diligence and doggedness to continue even when you feel you are making no progress. 

To bridge this gap, some students attend a A level physics revision course. These lessons greatly help to prepare them for their exams. However, it does not take the place of personal revisions. 

To land your dream score in your A level physics exams, preparation and revision are key. Hence, we have prepared these five revision tips as a guide for your A level physics revision.

Top 5 Tips To Revise A Level Physics

1.   Practice How to Remember and Use Formulas

Our first revision tip is to learn how to remember and use your formulas. In A level Physics, you will encounter many mathematical questions. So you have to work on knowing your formulas.

Thus, you have to be clear on the formulas that appear on your formula sheet and the ones that don’t. Master them and practice working with them using past papers and exam questions. Flashcards and mind maps can also aid you in recalling them.

2.   Practice Past Papers

Practising your A level physics past papers can never be overemphasised. Physics works with calculations and formulas. To succeed, you therefore must practise as many past papers as you can find.

Past papers help you to understand the way examiners structure questions. They also help you to master key topics and exam-style languages. Finally, past papers help you to practice working in exam conditions.

3.   Work With a Physics Tutor

During revisions, students often have limited time to understand and digest the topics. This process can be very daunting as there are so many modules to cover in the A level physics syllabus.

Working with an online A level physics tutor is one great way to keep your head above water during revisions. An online physics tutor will help you organise your revision and also help you prepare adequately for the exam.

4.   Know Your Physics Command Words

Different command words mean different things to the examiner. Thus, during your A  level physics revision, you must endeavour to learn the meaning of your command words.

The most common of them for A level physics include assess, calculate, annotate, and analyse. Knowing what each word requires you to do, will help you not to lose valuable marks.

5.   Practice Testing

This simply involves frequently testing your brain to ensure its ability to recall information stored.

Your A level examiners are keen to know your capacity for independent thinking.

So you have to work hard to develop your critical thinking and recalling ability. Practice testing is a perfect way to do this. You can choose to do this by yourself or work with your tutor or a friend.


The secret of most A* students lies in their A level Physics revision. Irrespective of how much you prepare, without an effective revision plan, success may still be elusive. These five revision tips will put you on a jolly ride to achieving your A level physics goal.

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At Exam Tips we are here to help you with your A Level Physics Revision. We can do this by offering online A Level Physics tuition throughout the academic year with a highly skilled online physics tutor. This will give you the help and support at every stage.

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If you want to attend one of our revision courses then you can attend one of these during half term. We offer an October A Level Revision Course and our A Level Easter Revision Course is always very popular. These courses can take place at various locations such as Manchester and London.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

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