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As you approach your last year at secondary school, the deadline to decide which university to choose comes ever closer. With an overwhelming amount of information coming at you from past pupils, teachers, and parents, it’s easy to see why choosing where you will spend your next three or more years can be a daunting process. 

To help you out, we’ve created a list of the main questions that you need to ask any university before applying. No matter if you find the answers to these questions from a prospectus, an in-person university open day, or during an interview, make sure you know these things before committing to a place on a course.

Questions to ask about the university course

As the course is often the main deciding factor when choosing between different universities, make sure you find out the answers to these important questions before making your selection.

What does the course content include?

Two courses with the same name at different universities can vary massively. You’ll want to find out about the course content which includes things like the specific modules you’ll study, the opportunity to pick your own modules, and how the course content is assessed. 

It’s also important to ask about the course structure, for example how many hours of in-person classes are held each week, how this is split between lectures, tutorials, and self-directed learning, and what the class sizes are.

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What are the employment prospects after completing the course?

For a lot of students, receiving a university degree is a stepping stone to a successful career. As university fees are a major expense, it’s important to know that past pupils had access to opportunities that ensured they had great graduate jobs. Finding out where a degree can take you will provide career inspiration as well as deciding if a course is the right fit. 

What unique opportunities does the course provide?

What does your dream university programme include? Some courses have unique offerings that could just make it the perfect course for you. Ranging from study abroad opportunities, to work placements and summer volunteer roles, make sure to ask about opportunities outside the classroom if you’re wanting to get a little more life experience outside of the course.

Questions to ask about the application process 

Knowing about the admission requirements, deadlines, scholarships, and bursaries will not only help you discover and become accepted to your dream university course, but also make the process as streamlined as possible. Here are the questions you need to ask.

What are the course admission requirements?

Knowing what the admissions team looks for in a successful applicant is key. Pay attention to the grade requirements, and any specific subjects that you need to take. They may also ask for a certain level of English language fluency. 

On top of this, it can be a big benefit to find out if there are any other qualities or achievements like work experience, volunteering, or research studies that can make you stand out from other applicants. 

 Can I read anything to enhance my personal statement?

Your personal statement can stand out from those of other applicants by showing evidence that you are passionate about and have read around the subject area. Asking a member of the faculty or admissions team about any books or articles relevant to the course that you could study could be really beneficial. 

Doing this means you can impress them by showing you took their advice on board, and the added bonus is that you can learn more about your chosen degree subject in the process.

What bursaries and scholarships are available?

University is extremely expensive, and this can be very off-putting for students who need to get into a large amount of debt in order to study their dream subjects. Most universities offer scholarships or bursaries to students, this can be based on financial need, or awarded based on achievement. 

Many students don’t think to ask about these when applying, but being accepted to one of these programmes could make the world of difference to your time at university.

Questions to ask about the university facilities 

Your day-to-day life at university will be largely influenced by the quality and number of facilities on offer. Asking these questions will help you decide if you can see yourself living there for three or more years. 

What accommodation will I be staying in?

Where you live and who you live with will have a huge impact on your first year at university. Lots of university open days allow you to take a tour around their halls of residence, and this can be a great time to find out important details like, is a place in halls guaranteed, how far the accommodation is from your classes, is catering an option, and what your options are for 2nd and 3rd year housing. 

What clubs and societies are available?

Have you had a sport or extracurricular activity during school that you want to continue into university? Or maybe you have a hobby in mind you want to start? 

Either way, university clubs are an amazing way to make new friends so whether it’s rowing or politics, trampolining or book club, ask if the university offers the society where you can best build friendships or learn a new skill.

What is the surrounding area like?

Do you prefer city or country life? Some university campuses are spread across the centre of busy cities, while others have designated campuses or are remotely located. As you will be spending at least three years in the place, take time to explore the area and ask if it is the right fit for you. 

It’s also important to think about how affordable the city is, how safe you feel there, and if there is an airport or train station nearby that means you can easily travel home.

The bottom line 

It’s clear that there are many questions you need to ask a university before sending in your application. Every university is unique but by asking these questions you can find the perfect city, course, and university experience for you. 

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