Is Learning Chemistry Online Any Good?

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Practical experiments and activities are the hallmarks of the chemistry subject. This is why many students are sceptical about learning chemistry online.

But as online tutoring becomes more indispensable, many students wonder if learning chemistry online is worth it. If you fall under this category, then you are in luck. This piece will answer your questions soon.

Why Learning Chemistry Online Works for Students

1.   It is Interactive

Most students who seek online chemistry tutors for their A level chemistry revision courses are millennials. It is no secret that millennials are tech-savvy and computer literate.

Hence, being online is second nature to them. This is why most students feel better engaged in online learning. With the privacy they have here, they tend to understand and flow with the lectures better.

2.   Speedy Progress

Online chemistry tutors tend to cover more in online classes than they do in face to face tuition. Students tend to be more attentive in online classes. This is partly because the classes are more engaging.

Likewise, knowing that they have a short time for their GCSE chemistry revision courses makes them concentrate more. This helps online chemistry tutors to get more work done.

3.   Absence of a Lab Partner

In an online chemistry class, students usually don’t have a lab partner. Hence, there will be no lab partner to depend on to do their lab tests for them. Neither, will they complain of not getting things done because of their lab partners.

This means that each student is responsible for their own hands-on experience. The knowledge of this will spur them on to study and understand their lessons by themselves.

4.   Access to the Best Tutors

With online chemistry tuition, students are no longer limited to the tutors in their area. Whether they are living in rural areas or offering a niche subject, this is no longer a barrier.

The web now has thousands of excellent online chemistry tutors for students to pick from. With the help of these great tutors, they are better equipped to prepare for their exams.

5.   Classes Can be Recorded

This is yet another reason why studying chemistry online is worth it. With the recording features most platforms offer, students can record their classes.

These recordings come in very handy. As students can access them later in preparation for their exam.

Why Teaching Chemistry Online Works for Tutors

1.   Makes Tutors Better Teachers

Teaching and writing chemical concepts online can be sometimes difficult. To ensure their students understand, online chemistry tutors often go the extra mile.

They research on ways to communicate their points to their students. They brainstorm on ideas and methods that will help their students understand the subject better. This exercise ends up benefiting the tutor even more.

2.   Helps Tutors Get to Know Their Students Better

Online chemistry tuition offers both tutor and students chances of knowing each other more. It is very common for a student’s child or spouse to pop up on the screen during an online class.

This can lead to an exchange of pleasantries, which forms a connection between tutor and students. Of course, the chances of this are limited when students come to classes alone.

3.   It is Less Risky

Learning chemistry online dispenses with road commuting. Tutors and students need not commute to the agreed tuition location. All that is required is a set time, a computer and a good network. This reduces the risk of travelling from one location to another for lectures.

4.   Access to More Students

Online chemistry tuition is also worth it for tutors in that it grants them access to a wider range of students. With online tutoring, tutors are no longer limited to a handful of students in their area. They can teach students from any part of the world, including international students.

5.   More Convenient

Students often need tutors for their A level or GCSE chemistry revision courses. Thanks to technology, online chemistry tutors can do this from the confines of their homes. This is also very effective.


Needless to say, learning chemistry online is very much worth it. Every day, more websites are designed to make online learning easier. This is in addition to the effort of online chemistry tutors who work hard to make their classes more practical.

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If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

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