How To Study A-Level Maths

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Are you preparing for your A level maths and wondering how best to study to ensure you pass your exams? Don’t despair. A level maths may be tough, but you can ace it by putting in your best effort. 

You have to study, but not just that. You have to study right. Here are some guides to help you study right for your A level maths.

Use all the resources available

1.  Invest in the right textbooks

There are so many books on sale with a promise to prepare you for your A level maths. Some of these books have very difficult maths solving processes. They end up stressing you more than they teach you.

So you must try to find the right ones and stick to them. Many of them have workbooks. Go through every question, and revisit them from time to time. The end result is that you will feel more confident about the exam, knowing you have done hundreds of similar questions with your textbooks.

2.  Create flashcards

I have found flashcards to be quite helpful in revising for A level maths. You can do this with friends and studying pals. Or you can choose to do this alone.

You can write down a summary of formulas, rules, or steps you need to remember for each question. Try to write them as bold as possible. Keep them handy or place them in strategic places where you can often see them. At intervals, go back and revise them. This way, you keep your formulas and methods fresh in your mind and ready for use during your exam.

Using Online And Offline Resources

3.  Utilise online resources and video tutorials

To add to what you’re learning from textbooks or school, you can add online resources especially A Level & GCSE maths video tutorials.

So many online platforms have treated your A level maths modules step by step. Some even teach a whole topic in 20 minutes, allowing you to learn different modules at your own pace.

With video tutorials, you can fast forward or rewind a session to understand better. This far supersedes the option of seeing the answers on the mark scheme and not understanding how the answer is actually obtained.

4.  Test yourself periodically

Sometimes students get so consumed trying to cover all the modules for the upcoming exam. They thus, forget to prepare themselves on how to actually answer the exam questions. This is worse if this student didn’t begin on time to prepare for the exam.

So as you study for your exam, you must learn to objectively test yourself to find out your level of comprehension and progress. You can do this monthly or even weekly. The goal is to check your ability to understand the examiner’s questions and give the appropriate answers. But also to do this under the available time stipulated.

5.  Practice, revise, and practice again

While preparing for your A level maths exam, prepare to get frustrated with some topics. Don’t worry too much, this happens to everybody. There are some topics, you may not get immediately no matter how many times you studied them.

However, you must continue to study and practice these more difficult areas and an online maths tutor can certainly help. This is because when it comes to A level maths, your practice indeed will make you better.

You achieve this by practising these questions until you are sick of them. Weird, right?  But then, if you practice your module questions over and over again, with time, answering these questions become systematic for you.

At this stage, you need not think so much to understand and solve the problem, because you have solved countless similar issues like that.

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Of course, if you do want support with your practice our intense maths revision courses, will give you the help and support that you are looking for.

Should you require support throughout the year we also offer online maths tuition for both GCSE & A Level maths. Our classroom based courses cater for a small group of students at any one time and are highly bespoke catering towards student needs.

Our revision courses for  A Level maths take place in a variety of locations including Manchester, Lymm, London and also York.

Our revision courses for GCSE Maths also take place during half term holidays and we are currently taking bookings for all our courses. With exams in England taking place in 2021 we expect our next revision course takes place in February Half Term and we expect our Easter Revision Courses for A Level & GCSE Maths to be very popular in 2021. With the current situation with Covid-19 this course will of course be online. The course will be packed full of information to help students prepare for their exams in summer 2021. It is hoped that we can offer our traditional group based maths revision courses as soon as possible.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272