How Does Biology Affect Our Life?

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Biology is a branch of life science. It focuses on the study of life and all living things. Since we also fall under this category, biology helps us explain the different phenomena both within and around us.

Different areas of biology apply to different aspects of life. After reading this article, one can appreciate the effects of biology in our day to day lives. Following are some of the few ways biology affects our life:

Fueling Our Bodies

Biology offers the knowledge of how the human body works and what we can do to help our body run more efficiently. In other words, we understand the mechanism of our body and its relation to the food we consume.

Whether you need to fuel your body for exercise, avoid hypertension, or lose weight, nutritionists use biochemistry to determine a diet that is appropriate. The nutritionists are able to guide us on what diet we should consume depending on the lifestyle we choose.

Biochemistry is a branch of science that studies how the human body breaks down nutrients, carbs, proteins, and fats. If you happen to be studying towards your A Level exams, then perhaps you may want to consider the services of an online A Level biology tutoring. Without biochemistry, determining appropriate diet would be guesswork.

Treating Diseases

We consult a doctor whenever we get sick and, ultimately, get better with the help of medicines that are made for our condition. This has become possible due to biology. It is only because of biology that the study of different microorganisms that cause diseases has been made possible.

Researchers have thoroughly investigated the propagation, reproduction, life-cycle, occurrence, and nature of microorganisms and hence, come up with measures of control for preventing or curing the disease. Without biology, doctors and scientists would be hard-pressed to help people treat and fight off the various diseases.

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Be it spine-chilling winters or scorching summers, it is biology that keeps us safe. We wear thick sweaters in the winter to cover us up. They are made of wool that is obtained from sheep. We wear breathable cotton clothes in the summer season that are procured from plants. Nylon, linen, and all the dyes of fabric are derived from plants and polyester from fossils, regardless of the type of the fabric, it must be plant-based.

Environment and Ecosystem

In order to thrive in a proper ecosystem, it is important that we take proper care of it and fight the crisis in an organized manner. The global environment has been through a quick change within a short span of time. It is important that the changes are rectified and addressed as soon as possible. Biology contributes towards finding solutions for such situations. It helps us take advantage of modern practices like better ecology management, greenhouse management, crop management, etc. which can significantly benefit us in the long run.

Biology is without a doubt a cornerstone of life on this planet and beyond. Without it, life as we enjoy it would simply cease to exist. People are living healthier, longer, safer lives and doing more than what was possible just a few years ago. All of this would have been impossible without biology.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

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