Revision: Half-term Guide

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It’s half term and you’re struggling to remember what revision your child should be doing? Well, we’ve got the answer. Revision: Half-term Guide is a blog post that talks about how to help children revise for exams, and has tips on how to get them excited about it.


It’s easy to forget about your exams when they are close at hand, but you should make an effort not to do so. It may be tempting knowing that the next one is only two weeks away from now and then another five after that before we hit another break! But don’t neglect any other exam scheduled–they will come up eventually too if left unrevised-and how can I prepare myself for these important tests without studying?

A balance needs to exist between preparation time spent revising earlier in examination season or focusing heavily on more recent dates instead of spending time revising different information.

Discipline yourself to work on the tests still pending before immediately moving onto new ones, starting with more recent dates first and then working backwards in chronological order of when they’re scheduled for. Study like this will keep you prepared for all upcoming exams without overlooking any due date or becoming overwhelmed by aiming to complete them all at once.

Get The Family Involved

Working together as a family can be really helpful in the holidays. You could form mini-groups that focus exclusively on one particular topic rather than trying to do everything all at once! It can be a bonding experience for the family, but it will also help you all to get into good habits of revision.

A great way to work together is by using a whiteboard or projector screen in your home so everyone can see what’s being written and keep track while working on an exam schedule. This keeps things visible for everyone involved–especially if more than one person in the family is taking the same exam–so you can check each other’s work and help to plan out how much time should be allotted for specific topics.

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Self Care

It’s important to make time for yourself in the holidays. You don’t want to overstretch yourself and end up feeling stressed out by having too much on your plate.

Many students will find it difficult balancing revision with their other commitments such as sports clubs, jobs, or social events; but you should try not to take these things off completely during exam season either because schoolwork is still a priority no matter what else you have going on! Even if this means taking some time out of another activity that isn’t essential like playing football every Saturday morning, then do so–you’ll be thankful later when exams are done.

Motivate Yourself

It can be hard to stay focused during the holidays when you’re not in an educational setting. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that revising for exams is important; after all, it isn’t like your GCSEs or A-levels are looming on the horizon anymore! You can combat this by finding other ways to motivate yourself.

You could join a revision club or start your own study group that meets up regularly throughout the holidays, either online or in-person depending on what suits you best! You can even go solo and work better alone–just make sure not to let working by yourself become an excuse for putting off preparing for exam dates coming up in the future.


After the holidays, it will be time to return to school and real life; but you’ll still want to remember all of what you’ve learned throughout your revision sessions. Balance is key during exam season, so don’t forget to do other things that are important too–like having fun!

Here at we run a series of half term revision course our most popular being our Easter Revision Course. These courses are aimed to give you a final grade boost in the run up towards your final exams in the summer. 

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

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