Online Maths Tuition v’s Face to Face Tuition

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There has been a subtle debate about online GCSE maths tutoring and face to face tuition. As more private tutors switch to online maths tuition, this debate has all but increased.

So today, we will take you on a journey of evaluation. We will check out the merits or otherwise of both kinds of tuition. You can then decide on the most viable one for the season.

What is Online Maths Tuition and Face to Face Tuition?

Online math tuition is a virtual maths teaching that uses live streaming videos. Using this, tutors are able to communicate with their students. Here, tutors and students are not in the same room but are connected through the internet.

But, in face to face tuition, tutors and students are in the same room and can physically access each other.

Pros and Cons of Online Maths Tuition


1.   Array of Choices

Online maths tuition for A Level offers students a wide range of options. Students can choose the most qualified and suitable maths tutor for them. This option is often limited in face to face tuition.

2.   Scheduling Flexibility

With online maths tuition, students and tutors can choose the most suitable time for them. Irrespective of their location, they can have their online maths tutor. All that is needed is a computer and decent wifi.

3.   Content Preservation

Even students with the fastest writing skills miss out a lot of vital points during lectures. Online maths tuition saves the day by allowing students to record their lessons. These records certainly come in handy later for them.


1.   Technical Issues

Technology has come a long way in making online maths tuition a wonderful experience. However, technical issues tend to affect the flow of online classes. It is thus, one of its greatest challenges.

2.   No Personal Connection with Students

To enhance understanding, tutors often need to personally connect with their students. Since tutors and students are far apart, this connection is often lacking in online maths tuition.

3.   Not So Suitable For Children

Online maths tuition is sometimes not suitable for children. This is because children can be easily distracted. Likewise, many children may not be able to handle the technicalities that come with it.

And The Flipside

Pros and Cons of Face to Face Maths Tuition


1.   Better Interaction

A huge part of communication is non-verbal. In face to face tuition, tutors use verbal and non-verbal means to connect with their students. Likewise, tutors can get answers and feedback from their students in real-time.

2.   Engagement

Students are better engaged in face to face maths tuition. This is because there is no distance. Hence, tutors can track the focus level of students and find ways to engage them.

3.   Progress Assessment

Face to face tutors are better equipped to assess the progress of their students. With the physical contact they have, it becomes easier to access the students’ knowledge gaps and misconceptions.


1.   Safety issues

With the pandemic now the new normal, face to face tuition may pose a threat to students. Likewise, many parents are wary of leaving their children to the care of a stranger.

2.   Quite Expensive

Compared to online maths tuition, face to face tuition is quite expensive. Parents have to pay the professional fee in addition to the travel expenses of the tutor.

3.   Uncomfortable

Especially for shy and autistic students, face to face tuition can be quite uncomfortable and intimidating. Such students often prefer the solitude that online maths tuition offers.

So What To Do?


The merits of online maths tutoring abound. With the recent pandemic, more and more people lean towards online maths tuition. So if you are wondering which is most suitable at a time like this, online maths tuition takes the trophy home.

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If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

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