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Physics is the foundation of all other science subjects. Its laws control other branches of natural science like geology, chemistry and astronomy. 

Hence, the subject is replete with numbers, equations and formulas. This is perhaps why many students find it difficult. They, therefore, need further tutoring to grasp the subject. 

Lately, online tuition has become quite popular. This popularity has increased with the effect of the pandemics. As a result, every day more students seek online physics tutors to aid in studying the subject.

What is Online Physics Tuition?

As the name suggests, online physics tuition simply means teaching physics online. It dispenses with the physical appearance of a tutor and student in the same location. With a laptop and internet service, both tutor and student can have their physics lecture.

Why Students Choose to Study Physics Online

To better grasp the subject of physics, students often attend A Level Physics Revision Courses. Or GCSE Physics Revision Courses as the case may be. 

But with the recent shift to online tutoring, most of these lessons take place online. Hence, students now work with online physics tutors as they prepare for their exams. 

This has caused many to see the benefits of online A Level physics tutoring. Some of which includes the fact that students have a wider range of tutor options to choose from. Also, online GCSE physics tutoring is less expensive and more flexible for students. 

But most importantly, students can interact more in online classes. The privacy it offers relaxes them and free them up to ask questions in areas they don’t understand. This greatly improves their understanding of physics.

5 Applications of Physics in Everyday Life

1.   Technology

Physics provided the basic understanding needed to develop most technological appliances. This includes the computer, laser surrey, magnetic resonance imaging, etc.

Simply put, without physics, most technological gadgets will be nonexistent. From our headphones to mobile phones, all were constructed using various physics laws.

2.   Cooking

Even the act of cooking is made possible because of physics. It involves the branch of physics called thermodynamics. This branch deals with heat and temperature.

Heat is a form of energy and can be transferred from one surface to another. Using the principle of conduction, your cooking gas transfers heat to your pot. Hence, heating your pot to enable the content to cook or boil.

3.   Walking

Many principles of physics come alive in the simple act of walking. This includes Newton’s three laws of inertia- gravitational law, friction, and potential and kinetic energy.

You can work because of the resistance between the floor and the sole of your feet. It is called traction or friction. This is why you fall when anything affects this friction. Example, when you step on a banana peel.

4.   Transportation

Using Newton’s law of motion, the transportation industry makes travelling easier. They navigate around the laws of physics to manufacture different agents of transportation.

Hence, the locomotion of your car, trains, planes is made possible using physics. Physics has thus made life easier through the invention of locomotives.

5.   Eating and Speaking

The importance of physics is yet again felt as we eat and speak. Eating converts the food’s chemical energy to mechanical energy. This energy is then used to do different kinds of work.

Likewise, speaking produces sound properties like pitch and frequency. Physics studies these concepts to understand how certain technological concepts work.


Physics is a very important and pivotal subject. It is used for many everyday activities. Students, therefore, need to understand it sufficiently, as part of their A Level Physics Revision and GCSE Physics Revision, not just to pass their exams. Hence, to achieve this, many students choose online physics tuition.

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If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at info@exam.tips or call us on 0800 689 1272