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History is the study of events that took place in the past as it concerns human beings. It seeks to discover the correlation between past and present cultures and beliefs.

It is therefore replete with facts, dates, and an elaborate syllable. This is perhaps why many students dread it. They seek external help from tutors to enable them to study and prepare for their exams.

Recently, many have come to see the numerous benefits of online tutoring. This has led to an increase in the demand for online history tutors.

What is Online History Tuition?

In online history tuition, the history tutor conducts all teachings entirely online. Students are connected to their classes using their computer’s visual and audio features. This dispenses with the physical presence of both tutor and student in the same location.

Why Students Choose Online History Tuition

As students prepare for their GCSE or A level exams, then studying hard becomes a must-do. A good way of doing so is practising past papers and revision courses.

Many online tutoring services prepare A Level History revision courses. Same applies to GCSE History revision courses. These courses are simulated to fit the students’ final exams. Practising these courses with their online history tutors prepares students for their exams.

Likewise, online history tuition is flexible and less expensive. Students have the liberty of choosing the best online history tutors. This is an advantage often lacking in face to face tuition.

5 Cool Career Paths With a History Degree

1.   Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations

Studying history equips you with strong communication and analytical skills. This is a very important trait of most communication-based jobs.

History provides you with an excellent understanding of past events and trends. This is a huge advantage and helps you to analyse and predict the media. Hence, helps to secure you a slot on any of these careers.

2.   Paralegal

The legal profession places a high value on history graduates. This is because they possess great analytical and critical reasoning skills.

The writing and researching skills they acquired also come in handy for paralegals. They, therefore, excel in writing briefs, making legal research and analysing evidence.

3.   Genealogist

They are people who use historical records and genetic analysis to reconcile kinship and family histories. They do this using court records, obituaries, birth and marriage certificates, etc.

A history graduate will excel in a job like this for obvious reasons. Their research, critical and analytical skills will play a huge role here.

4.   Librarian

Librarians help to organize information for the public. They do this with a target audience in view. This is so that different collections of information will meet the users’ needs.

History graduates have been trained to analyze sources and find information. They, therefore, do well as librarians.

5.   Reporter/Journalist

A degree in history adequately prepares you for a career in journalism. This is because history graduates have a good understanding of different fields of life.

With this understanding, they can create high-quality contents for their stories. Likewise, their investigative skills will come in handy in the newspaper industry.

Others Career Paths With a History Degree

  1. Historian
  2. Researcher
  3. Writer/editor
  4. Political scientist
  5. Archivist


Students learn as much on online history tuition as they do on face to face tuition. This fact has increased the number of students who choose to learn history online.

With the pandemic, many more parents and students have reverted to online tuition. This is why online history tutors are in high demand.

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If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at info@exam.tips or call us on 0800 689 1272

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