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Many industries benefited from the technological advancement that swept across the world recently. The education system was not left out.

Their benefit came in the form of a digital shift towards online tuition. Hence, as the day goes by, more students choose online tuition over face to face tuition.

The subject of geography is one of the subjects at the forefront of online tuition. This is plausible as the advantages of studying geography online abound.

What is Online Geography Tuition?

Online geography tuition involves tutoring geography in an online environment. In this setting, the geography tutor and student are in separate rooms or locations. Using the internet and certain platforms, both tutor and students are connected.

How Online Geography Tuition Works

1.   Computer and Internet

The first thing both student and online geography tutor needs is their computer and wifi. This is because with online tuition both parties do not need to be physically present.

Hence, to be connected, they need their computer and decent internet. Using this and other features, online geography tuition is made possible.

2.   Real-time Online Interaction

Online geography tuition makes use of real-time interactions. Using collaborative tools, students can communicate with their online geography tutors in real-time.

Some feature such as the live chat and raise hand features play a great role. They allow students to ask questions and have them answered immediately in real-time.

3.   Online Tutoring Platforms

Online geography tuition is made possible, thanks to the many online platforms available. Some of them include Bramble, Zoom, Adobe Connect, etc.

Using the app’s collaborative tools, online geography tutors can connect with their students. Likewise, students can attend their A level geography revision course online. Same applies to their GCSE geography revision course.

4.   Recording Options

Many virtual tutoring platforms have built-in features that record streaming videos. With this, both students and online geography tutor can record ongoing geography classes.

This comes with many benefits as students can access these videos later to aid their studies. Likewise, students who prefer studying alone can make use of these recording features.

5.   Webcam and Microphone

To enable communication, many online GCSE geography tutor use webcams and microphones. These tools serve to establish the visual and audio connection of the tutor and student.

This is because tutors can engage their students better if they can see them. Hence, the webcam and microphone make communication easier.

6.   Interactive Whiteboard

Online A Level geography tutor use interactive whiteboards to foster communication and collaboration with students. Using this, tutors can upload audios, videos, and text for the students’ understanding.

This feature helps to improve the students’ understanding. This is because it helps to keep them properly engaged as the tutor teaches.

7.   Screen Sharing

This is a feature which most virtual learning platforms have. They aid both tutor and students to share their computer screens. This means that the student can now view everything on the tutor’s computer screen and vice versa.


Thanks to the advancement of technology, online learning has been made easier. With its many benefits, more students choose to learn geography online every day. With the pandemic, this has kept more students safe. Likewise, it has helped them achieve their academic goals.

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