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Biology is a natural science that seeks to study living organisms. In recent times, more students have begun studying biology online.

This could partly be credited to the pandemic which led to the temporary closure of schools. Secondly, more students are becoming aware of the benefits of online learning.

Hence, they are choosing online tutoring over traditional tuition. The question then is, what is online biology tuition?

What is Online Biology Tuition?

Online biology tuition involves tutoring biology in an online or networked environment. In this setting, tutors and students are in different physical locations.

Sometimes they are also separated by different time zones. They are however linked through the internet using certain websites and platforms.

What Makes For a Good Online Biology Tutor

1.   Qualifications

A good online biology tutor has all the necessary qualifications. This is important because teaching biology requires tutors to follow certain guidelines.

Most times, it is only tutors with the right qualifications that can follow these rules. To find out about a tutors qualification, you can ask to see their relevant certificates.

2.   Knowledge and Skills

A good online biology tutor is one who has a deep knowledge of biology. As a subject, biology is a science that studies plants and animals. Hence, a good online biology tutor must have an understanding of these organisms.

They must also have great teaching skills. This is because it is one thing to know a subject, it is another thing to efficiently teach it.

3.   Biology Facilities

Biology requires a lot of practical examples to enable students to understand better.  These examples are often featured in different labs. Some of which include cell culture labs, greenhouse and darkroom.

A good online biology tutor should have some of these facilities. The reason is that teaching biology without these facilities can sometimes be difficult.

4.   Accessibility

As students attend their GCSE biology revision courses, they come across difficult concepts. They most times need the help of a tutor to better understand these ideas.

A good online biology tutor is one who is accessible by the students. They are not miserly with their time and are patient to answer the students’ questions. Same goes for students attending their A level biology revision courses.

5.   Professionalism

Every good online biology tutor must have professionalism as a quality. This means that they are punctual to their classes. If for any reason they will be late, they also get across to their students on time.

A professional online GCSE biology tutor uses the right language to teach their students. They carefully strike a balance between decorum and formality in the online class.

6.   Pedagogy

Good online A Level biology tutors make biological concepts come alive for their students. They use the best teaching methods to breakdown information during the learning process.

Likewise, they teach their students the importance of understanding biological concepts over memorization. They encourage their students to be studious and serious with their studies.

7.   Preparation

A good online biology tutor is one who understands that the students will face the exams alone. Hence, using every available tool at their disposal, they prepare their students for their exams. This includes encouraging them to study past papers and revision courses.


More parents and students are choosing online biology tuition every day. This being the case, it becomes important to know what to look out for in an online biology tutor. Knowing this will ensure that you get to choose the best suitable online biology tutor for you.

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If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at info@exam.tips or call us on 0800 689 1272

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