Is Online Maths Tutoring Worth it?

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With the pandemic, more and more tutors are switching to online tutoring. Maths tutors are not left out. Hence, many private maths tutors have switched to online maths tutoring.

Thinking of engaging in online maths tutoring but not sure if it is worth it? You are just minutes away from finding out the truth.  But first, let’s find out what online maths tutoring is all about.

What is Online Maths Tutoring?

Online maths tutoring is the practice of teaching mathematics in an online platform. Here, tutors and students don’t see face to face. But, the internet and certain platforms make audio and visual connection possible.

7 Reasons Why Online Maths Tutoring is Worth it

1.   Flexibility

Many students and parents choose online maths tutoring because of its flexibility. With online maths tutoring, you can schedule your classes as you want it.

Students can afford to go on holidays without having to alter or interrupt their classes. This is a benefit face to face tuition may not afford you.

2.   Preservation of Content

No matter how fast you write, you will still miss out on some vital points made by the tutor. Online maths tutoring breaches this gap. Students can simply record their classes and access them later.

Likewise, online maths tutoring supports the upload of documents, files, and diagrams. Saved on the computer, students can access them anytime.

3.   Effectiveness

A good number of students who opt for online maths tutoring are millennials. It is no secret that many millennials are tech-savvy. Hence, teaching them using technology may influence their learning better.

Since the goal is for students to understand maths better. Online maths tutoring is therefore worth it when this aim is achieved.

4.   A Wider Range of Options

Trying to choose a private online math tutor from your locality may offer you just a handful of tutors. Sometimes, tutors who are not even well qualified.

But online maths tutoring offers you the opportunity to choose the best from a large pool of tutors. With this option, you are sure to get the very best tutor that will help you achieve your goals.

5.   Convenience

Simply put, face to face tuition can be intimidating. Especially for students who are shy or autistic. Online maths tutoring solves this problem.

With the privacy online maths tutoring offers, such students can express themselves better. This singular act equips the tutor to know how best to serve his student.

6.   Algorithms

A lot can change for a student who finds the right tutor. In online maths tutoring, algorithms help students find the best tutor.

Many online tutoring services use algorithms to match students with a suitable tutor. They do this by asking questions about a student’s understanding or knowledge.

7.   Safety

The coronavirus is the new normal. Our scientists may have found vaccines, but social distancing remains the safest measure.

Online maths tutoring is worth it as it helps you achieve your goals without risking your safety. From the confines of your home, you can attend your classes while staying safe.


The benefits of online maths tutoring cannot be overemphasised. There is virtually nothing face to face tuition offers that students can’t get in an online setting. With these reasons, you can be rest assured that online maths tuition is worth a try.

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If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

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