Is Learning Physics Online Any Good?

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Many students grew up dreading physics. They find it hard to understand this subject that combines both science and numbers.

This is why physics is one of the subjects students need tutoring for the most in the UK. However, in recent times, the spotlight has centred on online tutoring.

Hence, many students find themselves in a dilemma. They wonder at the effectiveness of studying physics online. Luckily, this is the topic at hand. So if you fall under this category, you are in luck. You are just moments away from discovering the benefits of learning physics online.

7 Advantages of Learning Physics Online

1.   Brings the Classroom to Your Home

By learning physics online, students do not need to travel to their learning centres. From the confines of their homes, they can learn physics with their online physics tutor.

They simply need their laptops and a good internet connection. By doing so, students can safely bring their physics classes to home.

2.   It is Interactive

Some online physics classes are one to one. Hence, they are very interactive. Also, the elimination of many students makes asking questions easier for some student. They can ask questions arising from their A level physics revision courses.

Likewise, online GCSE physics tutors can concentrate on just one student. This helps them to study the student and know how best to teach them.

3.   Ease of Understanding

There is no doubt that many students lose out because they are too shy to ask questions in class. This major flaw of face to face tuition is bridged in online A Level physics tuition.

Here, students can comfortably interact with their tutors without feeling intimidated. They ask questions and clarification in areas they lack understanding. This invariable improves their understanding of the subject.

4.   Access to the Best Online Physics Tutors

Students who live in rural areas find it difficult to get physics tutors. Hence, they are forced to settle with the few who are in their location. These tutors may even be inexperienced in physics.

However, learning physics online grants these students access to many online physics tutors. From their qualifications, students can choose the best suitable tutors for them.

5.   It is Affordable

Learning physics online is certainly less expensive. Especially when compared to the cost of finding a private tutor. Also, it is only on the internet that students can find valuable physics contents at little or no cost.

6.   Speedy Progress

In face to face tuitions, physics tutors have to carry every student along. They answer all questions, mark assignments and give instructions. All these no doubt slows down the speed at which progress is made.

In online physics tuition, tutors often have just one student to teach per time. This saves valuable time for both tutor and students. Hence, they can quickly cover GCSE physics revision courses and past papers. Or A level Revision courses and past papers as the case may be.

7.   Preservation of Content

In face to face tuition, students sometimes miss out on valuable points. With online physics learning, students can record the classes. They also have access to all the pdf files and documents uploaded by the tutor.

Students can therefore replay their classes as often as it takes to digest all that the tutor said. Nothing beats the result this option gives to students.


Physics as a subject can sometimes be very intimidating for students. The science, equations and formulas all combined make for one tough subject.

However, there is no underrating what can happen when students find the right tutor. This is one huge advantage of learning physics online. It leads students to the very best online physics tutors available.

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If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

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