Is Learning English Online Any Good?

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English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It is the official language of many countries and fields of learning. Hence, about 1 billion people are currently learning it.

With the recent pandemic, many language schools are shifting towards seeking an online tutor. As a result, some students are concerned. They wonder if learning English online is worth it.

You are in luck if you share this concern as we have put this piece together to answer your questions. Here are ten benefits you stand to gain by learning English online.

10 Benefits of Studying English Online

1.   Access to Various Resources

Studying English online grants students access to many resources. Just at the click of your computer, you can find the pronunciation or translation of a word. Also, some many videos and games can help students have a great learning experience.

2.   Absence of Geographical Barriers

Studying English online saves both online English tutor and students valuable time. This is because online English classes can go on anytime and anywhere.

All that is needed is a computer and a good network. This saves time which would have been used to commute from one location to another.

3.   Opportunity to Practice With Confidence

One of the easiest ways to learn a new language is to keep practising it. This requirement can sometimes be difficult for shy students learning the English language.

However, by learning English online, students are afforded some level of privacy. This allows them to practice English and boost their confidence in the new language.

4.   Helps You to Concentrate

Concentration may be a luxury when students find themselves amongst friends and colleagues. With so many jokes and stories to tell, being fully attentive to their English class may not be possible.

But with online English tuition, students are often alone. Hence, they can afford to concentrate and stay focused as their English classes go on.

5.   It is Convenient and Flexible

This is perhaps one of the most appreciated benefits of learning English online. Online English tuition is quite flexible and convenient.

Students and online GCSE English tutor only need to agree on a mutually convenient time. Without having to travel to the classroom, they can connect through the internet.

6.   Quite Economical

Online A Level English tutor charge only for their professional fees. Using the internet, they no longer need to commute, nor do they need to pay for a venue.

Hence, the cost of studying English online is by far less expensive than studying it in a language school. Also, students learning materials are cheaper online or even free.

7.   Makes Room for Improvement

There are four language skills every English student must cultivate to learn English. These are the listening, speaking, writing and reading skills.

By learning English online, students are connected to very skilled online English tutors. Using their expertise, they help their students to improve on these four skills.

8.   Opportunity to Connect With New People

Just like traditional tuition, with online learning students can connect with new people. This is especially if the online English class is for more than one student. Also, meeting students who have the same passion as you do, can encourage you in your learning journey.

9.   Gets More Activities Covered

Most online English classes are time-bound. Hence, there is little or no room for dilly-dallying. With this time saved, online English tutors can cover more things with the students.

This includes answering questions arising from the students’ A Level English revision course. Or their GCSE English revision course or past papers as the case may be.

10.   It is Interactive and Engaging

Some students find face to face tuition quite intimidating and rather uncomfortable. They, therefore, thrive more in online tuition.

Basking in this privacy, such students can relax and enjoy the class. With the input of a good online English tutor, such classes are engaging and interactive.


The benefits of learning English online far supersedes that of face to face tuition. These benefits are increased when students choose the right online English tutor.

Online English tuition grants students access to the best tutors. This helps them to achieve their language goals.

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If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

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