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GCSE English language seeks to develop students’ writing, speaking, listening and reading skills. This is why the syllabus involves a lot of reading, writing and describing.

Hence, to make a grade you can brag about, you must do more than study your class notes. You can enrol for a GCSE English revision course. Likewise, you can work with an English tutor.

 All of these activities will greatly prepare you for your exams. However, they can never take the place of your revision. Revision is so important and will often determine how well you will do in an exam. 

To help you have an effective revision time, we have put together these five revision tips. They will not only make your revisions a lot easier but also fun.

5 Revision Tips for GCSE English Revision

1.  Know  Your Assessment Objectives

Examiners allocate different marks to critical perspectives, context, and comparisons with other texts. This is why you should begin your GCSE English revision by knowing your assessment objectives.

You can do this by checking out your examiner’s report which reveals what the examiner expects from you. Likewise, you can check out the marking schemes of various past papers.

Doing this shows you how to structure your answers to ensure that you do not lose valuable marks. 

2.  Study Your Texts and Know Your Terminologies

Very often, students concentrate on other things while ignoring their texts. They only pick up their texts last minute and try to skim through. This is the difference between Grade 9 students and other students.

Grade 9 students master their texts and terminologies ahead of time. They know how to link up their facts while answering questions. Likewise, they are also skilled in giving detailed and well-structured answers to questions. 

3.   Work With a Revision Group

Another useful GCSE English revision tip is to set up revision groups. These are like-minded people with whom you share a common interest in achieving high grades in GCSE English.

The benefits of working with a revision group abound. Students are often challenged to go the extra mile when they work with other smart students. In these groups, they teach each other and learn from each other. This invariably boosts their confidence in the forthcoming exam.

4.   Practice GCSE English Past Papers

Some students consider practising past papers a waste of time. Reason being that the examiners will not set the same questions for them. The former has never been farther from the truth.

By practising GCSE English past papers, students learn how to work under exam conditions. Working under the simulated exam’s time constraint will teach students how to structure their answers. Likewise, their performance shows them the areas they need to improve upon.

5.   Work With English Tutors

Another helpful tip on how to do GCSE English revision is to work with an English tutor. As easy as GCSE English may seem, areas such as storytelling and text analysis can be pretty hard for some students.

Working with an online GCSE English tutor comes with a lot of benefits. Students get to master different revision skills that will greatly help their revisions. Likewise, by working with an online English tutor, such students become better prepared for their exams.


As of 2020, the pass rate for GCSE English was 71.2%. This is almost a 10% growth from the pass rate of the previous year. Thus, GCSE English is one of those subjects you can easily bag a Grade 9. You only need to work hard on your GCSE English revision.

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At Exam tips we are here to help you succeed in your GCSE English exam revision. We do this in a number of ways.

We offer intense GCSE Revision Course that take place at various stages of the year during half term holidays. If you are looking for a refresher from year 12 then we would suggest our October Revision Course.

If you are looking to prepare for your mock exams then our December (Christmas) Revision Course is perfect. As you approach the second half of the academic year then our February Half Term Revision Course is ideal to help consolidate any gaps in knowledge following any mock exam results. The our Easter Revision Course is available to help you get ready for your final exams.

As well as our half term revision courses we also offer online tuition. We have a number of online GCSE English Tutors that work with us and based on your requirements we will find a English Tutor that meets your needs.

All online English tuition is done using Zoom at the present moment in time. This is a simple platform to use and always the tutor to use a online whiteboard to be able to explain all the necessary concepts.

If you are not sure about online English tutoring for GCSE, then you can always sign up for a free no obligation twenty minute lesson. This allows you to make sure that you and your tutor will work well together.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

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