How To Revise A Level Maths

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A level maths is one of the most difficult A level subjects. Topics like geometry, algebra, and trigonometry makes revision even more difficult.

However, A level maths revision is a must-do if students are to achieve their academic goals. Hence, to aid their revisions, many students attend a A level mathematics revision course. While some choose to work with maths tutors.

This serves not only to help them with revision but also prepares them for the exam. Wanting the same for you, we have put together these seven tips. Applying them will guarantee that you have a great A level maths revision experience.

7 Tips on How to Do A Level Maths Revision

1.   Have a Revision Plan and attend a Course

During your A-level maths revision course, one thing is most valuable- time. Hence, you need to consciously work out an effective revision plan and timetable.

Revision plans help you to structure how best to revise your topics. While a timetable helps you to assign different topics to different reading times. 

2.   Practice a Lot of Past Papers

Practising past papers remains one of the most efficient tools for A level maths revision. Practising as many as possible works to boost your confidence as your exam approaches.

However, try not to begin too early as failing one too many questions can be very discouraging and frustrating. Likewise, don’t begin so late. You will end up losing out on most of the benefits practising past papers offer.

3.   Focus on Your Weaknesses

It is normal for students to want to continue working with the maths areas they are conversant with. After all, no one likes failing. But then, that topic you are familiar with may only appear in one or two questions.

Hence, you need to balance your revisions to include all areas you find difficult. How do I know my weaknesses, you ask? By practising past papers and marking them using the marking scheme. The areas you do poorly in are areas you need to improve upon.

4.    Utilise Online Resources

The internet is replete with so many A level maths resources. Whether it is Youtube videos, Apps, games or online tutorials. All these resources can effectively aid your A level maths revisions.

Likewise, there are so many online A level maths tutors. Such skilled and efficient online math tutor will help guide and direct you as you revise for your exams.

5.   Make Your Notes

By now you must have known that you learn more when you take notes than when you simply read textbooks. Thus, another important A level maths revision tip is to make your own notes.

The best way to revise mathematics is to solve maths problems. You can do this by reading from your textbooks or materials and write them down by memory in your words.

6.   Know Your Calculator

Calculators often help in the task of providing solutions to problematic equations. But then, different calculators work in different ways. But if you don’t work with your calculator before the exam, you may get to find out too late.

Master how your calculator works before the exam. Use it to answer different Pythagoras, indices, or negative numbers questions. This way, you will not be caught off guard in the exam.

7.   Make Use of Revision Cards

With all the formulas and rules in A level maths, remembering them all may prove difficult for some students. This is why revision cards or flashcards are important.

They help you to condense huge chunks of information into smaller pieces for easy recalling. Ensure you write them in a bold format and keep them where you can easily access them. Going through them as often as possible will cement these formulas in your brain.


A level maths has more problem-solving questions than most other subjects. Hence, the importance of A level maths revision cannot be overstressed. Applying these revision tips will make your revisions not only easier but also enjoyable.

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At Exam tips we are here to help you succeed in your A Level Maths exam revision. We do this in a number of ways.

We offer intense A Level Revision Courses that take place at various stages of the year during half term holidays. If you are looking for a refresher from year 12 then we would suggest our October Revision Course.

If you are looking to prepare for your mock exams then our December (Christmas) Revision Course is perfect. As you approach the second half of the academic year then our February Half Term Revision Course is ideal to help consolidate any gaps in knowledge following any mock exam results. The our Easter Revision Course is available to help you get ready for your final exams.

As well as our half term revision courses we also offer online tuition. We have a number of online A Level Maths Tutors that work with us and based on your requirements we will find a Math Tutor that meets your needs.

All online Maths tuition is done using Zoom at the present moment in time. This is a simple platform to use and always the tutor to use a online whiteboard to be able to explain all the necessary concepts.

If you are not sure about online Math tutoring for A Level, then you can always sign up for a free no obligation twenty minute lesson. This allows you to make sure that you and your tutor will work well together.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

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