How To Revise A Level Geography

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Is it time to begin your A level Geography revision and you are wondering how to go about it? You are not alone. A level exams are many steps away from GCSE exams. Hence, students need to prepare extensively to succeed at it. 

This is why many students work with geography tutors as well as attend a A level Geography revision course. These lessons go a long way to equip them for their exams. But to achieve your dream score, an effective and timely revision is necessary. 

If you were not able to begin your revisions on time, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. These seven tips will prepare you and help you with your revision.

7 Top Tips For Your A level Geography Revision

1.   Organisation

By now, you must have realised that geography syllables are very extensive. Hence, the need to organise your studies cannot be overemphasised. You can begin by making a timetable for your revisions.

Ensure that you allocate an equal amount of time to each geography topic. This will help you cover everything. Of course, it is common to find yourself spending more time on topics you are struggling with. But try not to do so at the expense of other topics.

2.   Understand

During revisions, for some reasons, students often begin to memorise the subject. This is not a good idea. Memorisation may be inevitable, but it is best not to preclude understanding.

If this is proving to be difficult, then you may consider finding an online geography tutor. Or in your case, an online A Level Geography Tutor. These tutors will use their skill and expertise to teach you and help you understand geography better.

3.   Learn Your Definitions

Another important A level geography revision tip is to learn your definitions. Knowing this helps to boost your confidence. Likewise, when gotten correctly in the exam adds tremendously to your marks.

You can do this by creating your glossary of keywords for all the definitions. You can split it up into topics and write your definitions. Using a glossary helps you to know what definition you know and the ones you don’t.

4.   Revise Your Case Studies

Nothing shows the examiner that you know what you are doing than well-written case studies. To revise your case studies, your flashcards can play a great role here.

You can begin by writing your case studies first in your notebooks. Then using your flashcard, you can condense this information by writing only the important and significant facts. This will help you remember your case studies better.

5.   Essay Planning

During your A level exam, you will be required to write essays within a specific time. So you need to practice how to write concise but detailed essays within time.

Your geography past papers contain different essays. Collect these essay titles and make essay plans with them. For a good essay, use the Point, Evidence and Analysis structure (PEA). Likewise, remember to embellish your essay using case study materials where necessary.

6.   Summarise

Another A level geography revision tip you must know is summarisation. During your revision, ensure that your revision notes bear a summary of the main points of the subject.

Summarise different main ideas, concepts or themes. Find out how logic develops and the main points to a case study. You can also use bullet points, highlights and mnemonics.

The idea is to organise your thoughts in your revision notes. This will help you greatly in your final revision before your exams.

7.   Practice Your Past Papers

A level exam tips are more about how you apply what you know than what you know alone. This is why it is necessary to practice your past papers.

Your past papers allow you to practice the methods and skill you will need during the exam. So pay attention to questions that need you to engage with maps, pictures, or diagrams.


Due to the subject’s extensive syllables, A level geography revision can be quite tedious. Hence, many students dread their exams. However, for students who use the right revision methods, revisions are but a walk in the park.

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At Exam Tips we are here to help you with your A Level Geography Revision. We can do this by offering online A Level Geography tuition throughout the academic year. This will give you the help and support at every stage.

We also offer an intense A Level Geography Revision Course that take place during the half term holidays. These are very focused on particular topics which are delivered by a highly experienced geography tutor. He or she will highlight the common pitfalls that students face during exams.

As well Geography you are also going to be studying other subjects. For this reason we also can help with:

If you want to attend one of our revision courses then you can attend one of these during half term. We offer an October A Level Revision Course and our A Level Easter Revision Course is always very popular. These courses can take place at various locations such as Manchester and London.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

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