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A level English is one subject that suffers neglect during A level exam preparations. This is because some students associate being fluent in English speaking with passing A level exams. 

However, nothing has been farther from the truth. A level English is replete with so many key themes. Some of which include phonetics, identity, spoken English, Language and Diversity. 

These themes must be understood in depth if students are to do well in their A level exam. Attending a A level English revision course can help students understand the subject. Likewise, working with an English tutor can play a huge role here. 

However, to score high in your A level English exams, you need to revise effectively. Passionate about your success, we have compiled these 5 tips. They are guaranteed to aid you in your A level English revision.

5 Tips For Effective A Level English Revision

1.   Know Your Assessment Objectives

One great way to kick off your A level English revision is to study your assessment objectives. These are information that guides how marks are allocated during an examination. Thus, do well to check out marking schemes and examiner’s reports.

This is because knowing this guides your response to questions during your exam. Some questions require in-depth answers while some don’t. But you may not know this if you did not read your assessment objectives.

2.   Learn How to Structure Your Answers

In A level English, students don’t make A* by simply putting their answers down on paper. There is a need to structure the answers you give to every question. This includes using the right form of writing as well as literary techniques where necessary.

A good way of learning this revision tip is by working with online A level English tutors. These online English tutors are qualified and skilled. By working with them, you how to structure your answers during exams.

3.   Practice Your Past Papers

Another very important revision tip is to practice your past papers. The benefits of doing this abound. By practising your past paper, you learn how to work within the stipulated time for each question.

Likewise, practising past papers is another way of learning how to structure your answers. You can do this by highlighting where you got the answers correct and where you did not. This will help you take note of your failures and improve on them subsequently.

4.   Study Your Texts and Terminologies

Avoid entering the exam hall without reading your texts. You will be confused about the development of the plots and the characters. And this will no doubt affect your performance. Thus, endeavour during revision to study all their texts.

Likewise, it is necessary to know the terminologies used in your modules. You can do this by closely analysing the language of each text. This will help you know how best to answer the examiner’s questions.

5.   Make Use of Revision Cards and Groups

Your flashcards, mind maps and sticky notes also come in handy during your revision. They help you keep track of key information that is relevant to your exam. 

Also, working with revision groups is another great tool to use for your revision. By revising with people of like minds, you learn from each other. Likewise, studying with a revision group improves your confidence in the exam.


Compared to other subjects, A level English revision can be fun. This is especially for students who began on time to study their texts and syllables. And if peradventure, you weren’t able to do so, these 5 tips are a good way to kick start your revision.

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At Exam Tips we are here to help you with your A Level English Revision. We can do this by offering online A Level English tuition throughout the academic year. This will give you the help and support at every stage.

We also offer an intense A Level English Revision Course that take place during the half term holidays. These are very focused on particular topics which are delivered by a highly experienced English tutor. He or she will highlight the common pitfalls that students face during exams.

As well English you are also going to be studying other subjects. For this reason we also can help with:

If you want to attend one of our revision courses then you can attend one of these during half term. We offer an October A Level Revision Course and our A Level Easter Revision Course is always very popular. These courses can take place at various locations such as Manchester and London.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

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