How To Become an Online Maths Tutor?

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Desirous of becoming an online maths tutor but uncertain of how to go about it? You are in luck, we had you in mind. We have put together answers to some of your most pressing questions. 

It’s not surprising to find many people wanting to become online maths tutors. This is because the demand for online maths tutors continue to soar. 

Maths is the number one subject students need tutoring for in the UK. Hence, if you have a good understanding of maths, becoming an online maths tutor is a good decision.

Do I Need a Maths Degree to Become an Online Maths Tutor?

The simple answer to this is No. To become an online maths tutor, you only need a good understanding of maths. This is a core knowledge of the curriculum you are about to tutor. 

However, to succeed as an online GCSE maths tutor, a certain level of qualification is necessary. This is because many students choose their online maths tutors based on the tutor’s qualification. 

Hence, convincing students that you are a good math tutor without any qualification can be difficult. In the same vein, if you choose to work with an online tutoring agency, your qualification may come in handy. 

The reason is that most online tutoring agencies need their tutors to have certain minimum maths qualifications. As a result, the more qualifications you have as an online maths tutor, the more your chances of success.

What Skills Do I Need to Become an Online Maths Tutor?

1.   Teaching skills

As on online maths tutor, you are in essence a teacher. You, therefore, need certain teaching skills. You will have to teach students of diverse ages with different understanding quotients.

Hence, your communication skills must be up to par. You must learn the virtue of patience as some students depend on this to learn maths. Likewise, you have to be confident in yourself as students have a way of sniffing out diffidence.

2.   Information Technology Skills

To become an online A Level maths tutor, you have to know your way around digital gadgets. As you would constantly need to teach students using certain IT tools.

Whether it is sharing your screen, uploading a document, or using an online whiteboard, all these need IT knowledge. However, basic knowledge will suffice. You need not be an IT expert to run an online class.

3.   Entrepreneurial Skills

Once you become an online maths tutor, you are essentially an entrepreneur. Your entrepreneurial skills will therefore influence your customer base and earnings.

Hence, asides your knowledge of maths, you have to hone your business skill. This is because your success may depend on your ability to attract students to your classes.

7 Step by Step Guide to Becoming an Online Maths Tutor

In addition to qualifications and skills, here are 7 steps to becoming an online maths tutor.

  1. Choose the level of maths you wish to specialize in. This can be primary, secondary, A level, GCSE, etc.
  2. Decide if you will be a sole trader or work with an online tutoring agency.
  3. Fix the tuition rate you will charge for an hourly session.
  4. Set up your online payment account using services like PayPal, Stripe, Payoneer, etc.
  5. Choose an online teaching platform such as Bramble, Zoom or Skype.
  6. Complete your computer setup. This includes your webcam, microphone and wifi.
  7. Market your online maths tutoring class and find your first student.


You need not have a maths degree to become an online maths tutor. So long as you have a good understanding of mathematics, you are good to go. However, having a maths qualification is an added advantage, hence, get one if you can.

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If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

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