How much revision should I do a day for GCSE?

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Students taking GCSEs might be worried about if they’re doing enough revision or not. GCSEs can certainly overwhelm many students because of the extensive range of subjects they have to take without choice. Therefore, it’s important to stay organised and keep on top of revising!

It depends on the individual

How much revision a student should do a day for GCSE exams really does depend on the individual student. Very academic students with exceptional memories might be able to get away with doing less revision than less able students who need to give more attention to their studies to get particular grades.

After all, GCSEs are relatively simple compared to A level exams, so more effort will be required when students go to college. Some students might find GCSEs fairly easy. After all, these exams are lighter in content than A level, meaning there’s not as much to revise overall, even though you have to take more subjects. Despite this, some students will find GCSEs hard – there’s just no avoiding it! So a Easter Half Term GCSE Revision Course could be the ticket! These students might want to put more effort in.

This could mean doing an extra hour a day to focus their attention on their weak areas. Struggling students could even hire a tutor for as little as once a week for an hour or two to help them focus on improving their grade. However, more able students will easily just be able to do this by themselves.

The average

Most students do around an hour of revision a day for GCSEs, although the number of subjects needs to be taken into account. There are commonly more GCSE subjects than the number of days in the week, so it could be good to organise a revision timetable to sort out when you are going to focus on each of your subjects. Furthermore, some GCSE subjects might require more attention than others. If you are incredibly talented at maths, the maths lessons alone might be enough to help you through the GCSE. However, you might find yourself to be weaker at English and could need to dedicate a few more hours to targeting English exam questions.

Again, this all depends on the individual student and where people’s strengths lie. With so many subjects out there, you’re bound to be better at some than others. Further still, you might want to put more effort into one subject over another if you plan on taking it for further study. It also mustn’t be ignored that most jobs require mathematics and English passes at GCSE, so you might want to consider this whilst wondering how much effort you actually need to put in.

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So, there you have it. There’s no set amount of hours you need to revise a day for GCSE exams, although it’s always good to do at least a little just to prepare yourself as best as possible. As mentioned above, individuals may want to prioritise some subjects over others, meaning that you’ll spend more time revising some subjects than others.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

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