How Much Do Online Maths Tutors Make?

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In recent times, online tutoring has received the spotlight. Many have come to appreciate the benefits of online tutoring over traditional tutoring. 

With the Coronavirus pandemic, the demand for online maths tutors has soared. Hence, if you are curious to know how much online maths tutors make, you are just about to find out.

Hourly Pay and Annual Salary of Online Maths Tutors

According to Prospect, the hourly rate for tutors is between £30 and £42 per hour. For online maths tutors, this figure is sometimes even higher. 

This is because maths is the No. 1 subject students need tutoring for in the Uk. Hence, maths tutors are in high demand. The simple principle of economics will therefore lead to an increase in their charges. 

With this, it suffices to say that the average annual salary of an online maths tutor is £30, 000. But so many factors can either increase or reduce this figure.

Factors That Influence the Charges of Online Maths Tutors

1.   Qualification

Your qualification as an online maths tutor will greatly affect your charges. It is only natural for a tutor with a maths degree to charge more than a tutor with an A-level maths. Also, students naturally gravitate towards online maths tutors with certain distinct qualifications.

2.   Experience

Being an online maths tutor for a while gives you certain experiences that even a degree in maths cannot. As a result, the more experience you have the more your charges may increase.

3.   Area of Specialisation

The level of maths you tutor can also influence your earnings. Findings revealed that GCSE maths tutors are the most in-demand tutors. This is followed closely by A- level maths.

Likewise, parents want their children to grasp the basics of maths early. Hence, primary and secondary maths are also in high demand.

Other Considerations

4.   Large Customer Base

Online maths tutors with large customer base earn more than ones with fewer customers. Its simple maths, the more students you teach, the more money you make. Some may even increase their charges at this stage and still be able to maintain a steady flow of students.

5.   Tutoring Platform

Many online tutoring platforms cater to different subjects, maths included. These platforms take their commission fees from tutors. The amount varies with your choice of agency.

To subsidise their loss, online maths tutors have to increase their charges. This helps to balance their earnings.

3.   Location

Another factor that influences the earnings of online maths tutors is their location. Generally, things are costlier in locations with a higher cost of living. Same applies to the charges for online maths tutoring.

Hence, the earnings of an online maths tutor in London, may not be the same as that of one in Suffolk.

4.   Frequency of Lesson

Some online maths tutors combine tutoring with other engagements. While some of them tutor full time.  Simply put, the number of lessons you can hold in a day affects your earnings.

Consequently, the gross salary of an online maths tutor who teaches five students a day will be more than one who teaches a student per day.


Online maths tutors are in huge demand now, thanks to the pandemic. This demand has naturally increased their earnings from what it was pre-pandemic. So if you are curious about what an online maths tutor earns, here is your answer.

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