How Maths is Used in Engineering

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Just like a good vocabulary is the tool of every writer, so is Mathematics, the tool of engineering. Engineering problems are quantitative and qualitative. 

Though common sense may sometimes take care of the qualitative problems, it requires an analytical maths sense to solve the quantitative problems. 

As an engineering student, you are expected to study engineering mathematics during your first year for a reason. This is because the knowledge of maths will help you understand and appreciate the diverse engineering fields.

Areas in Engineering Where Maths is Used

You do maths three out of the four years you spend in studying engineering. So here are some areas of engineering where maths is inevitable.

1.  Chemical Engineering

Maths is an essential part of an engineer’s daily routine. More so when chemical engineers are responsible for developing and designing chemical manufacturing processes. To do this, they usually apply the principles of mathematics as well as other subjects like physics, biology and chemistry.

Chemical engineers likewise, construct mathematical models and study the result. This aids them in understanding the process better. Some of the mathematics used in chemical engineering include calculus I and II, linear algebra, geometry, college algebra, differential equations, statistics and trigonometry.

2.  Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is another branch of engineering. It is concerned with the study, designing, building, and maintenance of electrical control systems, equipment and machinery.

Some electrical engineers work in ventilation, lighting, heating, transport network, etc. These activities need a certain level of mathematics for its functionality. Some of the maths used here include algebra, geometry, statistics, calculus and trigonometry.

Where Else Is Maths Used?

3.  Mechanical Engineering

This is one of the broadest engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineers research, develop, design and test machines, tools and other mechanical devices.

Maths is so important in mechanical engineering as it aids in developing their intellectual strength and help them in the study the laws of nature. Some of the mathematics used here include linear algebra, statistics, college algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and differential equation.

4.  Engineering Control Theory

Another sphere of engineering that uses maths is control theory. This theory deals with the control of dynamical systems in machines and engineered processes and how to control such processes.

Control theory begins with signal processing which focuses on modifying, analysing and integrating signals such as sound and images. This mathematically intense process is another area that uses maths in engineering.

5.  Computer Engineering

This branch of engineering integrates several fields of computer science and electronic engineering necessary to develop computer software and hardware. With their technical knowledge of hardware and software designs, they engineer software programming, networking, robotics, etc.

Some of the maths used in computer engineering include automata theory, algorithms, combinatorics, probability theory, numerical analysis, Fourier Transform, algebra, etc. Though these topics may seem daunting, you can understand them with basic maths knowledge.

Final Thoughts

Engineering is applied mathematics. Maths is thus very pivotal in engineering. But the truth is that you need not be a great mathematician to enjoy your engineering course. You only need to understand the basic concepts of maths in these different engineering areas.  When you do, the application is not that difficult.

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