How Maths is Used in Computer Science

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The versatility of maths cuts across almost every subject including computer science. Computer science is the study of computer hardware and software and how they can be used to process information. It also studies how to compute their theoretical and algorithmic foundations. 

This procedure cannot be carried out without the analytical process engineered by mathematics. So if you are wondering how maths is used in computer science, here are five maths topics that are of immense necessity in computer science.

Maths Topics Used in Computer Science

1.  Linear Algebra

Computer vision, graphics and image processing use linear algebra. Linear algebra is the heartbeat of computer science. It is a branch of mathematics which studies vectors, matrices and linear transformations. It also applies to many areas of machine learning such as spectral clustering, neural nets, convex optimisation algorithms, support vector machine, etc.

Linear algebra has been useful in computer science in many ways. Some of the most common areas include data mining, compilers, speech recognition, computer graphics, internet search, etc.

2.  Probability and Statistics

Data compression schemes utilise maths statistics and probability tools. Data compression is simply the process of encoding information using a lesser amount of bit than the original representation. This helps to save storage capacity and speed up file transfer.

Schemes like context mining involve a lot of predictions. This process requires the mathematical tool of probability and statistics to discern these patterns.

3.  Number Theory

Computer science’ cryptography uses number theories. Cryptography is the practice of converting ordinary plain information into an unintelligible secret text and vice versa. This prevents a third party from understanding the embedded message.

Mathematics’ number theory plays an active role in cryptography. This is because many number theory tools such as congruencies, divisors, and primes are needed in cryptography for security purposes.

What Else Is Studied?

4.  Combinatorics and Recurrence Relations

Computer science algorithm designs and analysis make use of maths combinatorics and recurrence relations.

To a large extent, computer science thrives in studying algorithms to understand how efficient these algorithms are in conducting a particular task.

They do this by finding the computational complexity of algorithms, that is, the storage, amount of time as well as every other resource required to execute them. This process provides the theoretical estimate of the resources needed by that algorithm.

It is these estimates that provide an insight into the possible directions of search. And this operation no doubt is mathematical as it makes use of algebra, calculus, trigonometry, advanced geometry, etc to solve these problems.

5.  Graph Theory

Graph theory is a mathematical structure which is concerned with networking between points that are connected by lines. it is basically the study of points and lines.

In computer science, you will come across data structure. It is the organisation and management of data which helps for efficient access and modification. With data structure, you can manipulate how objects are stored and accessed.

This is why you can use the agency of a graph theory to design chess engines, build Google maps, etc.

Final Thoughts

With all of these, it wouldn’t be wrong to say, that maths is the hands and feet of computer science. This is because maths help to supply the analytical skills necessary for data analysis in computer science. Maths is therefore of immense usage in computer science.

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