How hard is it to learn mathematics?

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Are you a student who leaves their revision to the last minute? You might be wondering how easy this is to manage at A level, particularly with A level maths. You might like maths and had no problem cramming maths revision at GCSE. Therefore, you might be interested to know how possible this is at A level.

The workload

For the absolute majority of students, revising A level maths in one day would be virtually impossible. A level is a huge step up from GCSE level in all subjects – and maths is no different. Students are often overwhelmed by the workload at A level. This is especially true when you have to give attention to two other A level subjects too. It is tough to memorise the whole specification. Students find it a challenge to remember everything they need after months of revision – never mind in just one day. To have your best interests at heart, you should revise over months rather than just one day. Getting certain A level grades is crucial to get into university or be hired by employers. Therefore, you need to give yourself the help you need to stop your future from being at risk.

Too complex

Maths can be hard for even the most intelligent and hardworking students to understand. Therefore, you shouldn’t revise your whole maths A level in one day and with the regular help of an online a level maths tutor, you will receive the right level of support and guidance throughout your two years of study.

Students often find the complexity of the content too hard to fully grasp straight away. It often takes weeks and months of practice for students to fully perfect maths problems. Therefore, you should take the time to understand the complexity of the mathematical content instead of cramming it in. A levels should not be rushed as it could create devastating results when it comes to getting your final grade. This is especially true for challenging subjects. Maths is said to be one of the most academic and difficult subjects at A level alongside the sciences. Therefore, you should not neglect your studies in maths and not underestimate it.

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Use the whole year

As with any A level, it’s recommended that students revise for A level maths throughout the year. You’ll want to become familiar with your subject over months and months of revision to be confident in the exams. After all, you’ll be more likely to tackle a problem correctly after months of preparation rather than just one day. Many maths students hire a tutor to assist them throughout the whole year. With maths being particularly difficult to get a good grade in, tutors can help achieve the desired grade. By focusing on their weak areas and practising past papers, students can track their progress throughout the entire year. It will be easier to manage your studies and know how you are doing in this way. The same cannot be said if you abandon revision for the entire year and only revise in one singular day.

Therefore, it certainly isn’t recommended to revision A level maths in one day!

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

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