Can you self-study A level biology?

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Are you thinking about studying A level biology? Biology is a very respected branch of science, helping you succeed with recognition from universities and employers. Whilst classrooms might be distracting at times, you might be wondering if you can self-study this A level. Read on for more information in this area to know what your options are.

Self-studying isn’t recommended

As with any A level, self-teaching A level biology certainly isn’t recommended. Especially as the science subjects are deemed the hardest subjects you can pick at A level, you might want assistance. A levels are no laughing matter: they overwhelm even the best students because of their difficulty. Therefore, having a teacher helping you in your academic journey is the wisest choice to reduce the risk of failure.

Teachers are experts in their field, having gone through the exams you will be facing. This means they know what you are going through and will be able to offer tips and resources to help. Most teachers are willing to put on revision sessions or explain a particular part of biology that you’re struggling with. Biology does include a lot of complex content. This is especially said at A level, which is a huge step up from GCSE biology. You frequently might find yourself stuck on certain topics, hindering the progress of self-study. Asking for help is not a weakness – it is a strength since it can help you improve more effectively.

Revise Carefully

If you don’t get on with your teacher, however, you could always get a tutor’s help. Tutors get paid for a reason. They devote their time to you, focusing on your weak areas to help improve your grade. Even this will give you a better chance of success than self-studying on your own. Doing a whole A level by yourself in self-study would be putting your all-important grades at risk. This is because you won’t have an expert guiding you in the right direction to make sure you’re on track. You haven’t sat an A level biology exam before. Therefore, receive help from a teacher or tutor (or both!) to give yourself the best chance of a good grade.

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Doing everything on your own can put a tonne of unwanted pressure on you. Exams are already a stressful time with universities demanding certain grades – so why make things harder for yourself? You’ll want your A level experience to be as smooth and easy as possible. Self-studying is not the way to do this. A teacher can guide you through a course in good time, explaining everything you need to know. Therefore, you don’t need to put this burden on yourself, especially as it could be fatal for your studies!

It is possible to self-study biology even if it’s not recommended. If you’re a very independent learner, very hard-working, and very academic, it might be doable. It might even work well if you get distracted in class group settings. However, if you care about your grade, relieving this pressure from yourself could work wonders for your final result.

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

If you, or your parents would like to find out more, please just get in touch via email at or call us on 0800 689 1272

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