What is the best time to revise?

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Are you a student wondering when the best time to revise is? Students all over the country struggle to grasp this, meaning that they can sometimes underperform in exams. With grades being crucial for university places and employment offers, you need to put yourself in the best position possible.

It depends on the individual

As with revision techniques and the amount of revision, the best time to revise depends on the individual student. Everyone works better on their individual schedules. Sleep cycles and circadian rhythms can vary in each individual, meaning that productiveness times also vary. Amongst students, there will almost always be morning people and night owls. With a natural productiveness happening at different times of the day, there’s no set best time to revise. This will differ for every student, depending on their cycle. Therefore, it might be worth doing an online chronotype quiz to see when you are most productive.


People with a lion chronotype are most productive in the mornings. They rise early and have the most energy in these morning hours before this energy dwindles in the early afternoon. Therefore, it’s recommended that these types of people revise in the morning when they can concentrate best.


People with a wolf chronotype are most productive in the late afternoon and evening. They are usually named night owls compared to the average person, and they are most alert in the late hours. You might be a student who hates mornings and feel like you can’t concentrate in this period. Therefore, it might be worth studying later when your energy levels rise to get the most out of your revision.

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If you’re in college, you might have a couple of free periods each day on your college timetable. It would be worth revising at these times to get the most out of your college day. Even revising a little bit in these hours could help you out massively when it comes to taking the exam. If you become stuck in your revision in these periods, you have quick access to your college teachers. You’ll also have access to your peers at college, meaning you could choose to attend a February Half Term Revision Course with Exam.tips. These free periods are certainly ideal times to revise, especially when the exams are fast approaching. A level students particularly have no time to waste in studying. This means that they should use the quiet study area – a facility that they might not have at home. Students might find it easier to revise in their free periods for this reason; this environment could encourage focus.

Overall, there’s no set best time to revise as a student. Every student has a different body clock, making it difficult to say when everyone is commonly most productive. Whilst morning people are usually best revising in the early morning, night owls are usually more focused in the evenings. Free periods should definitely be taken advantage of, but every student can only decide the best time to revise individually.

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